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My website is experiencing ZIP CODE errors for new members tying to register for the site.

If you use the "Location" question in your profile questions for new members, the user will need to enter a ZIP code if they select UNITED STATES as their country.

The problem is, no matter what zip code is being entered, the error message that comes back is, "Invalid Zip Code - Input Proper Zip Code"

I have tested this on both PC & Mac and with Chrom, Firefox and IE and Safari on all machines. I;ve also had several other people to register - same problem. 

Additionally, I have removed all my CSS and Custom Code, and the problem remains.

My users can not register!

Please Fix, NING.

Are you having the same problem?

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  • Hi Chloe,

    This is usually caused by a JavaScript issue in browsers, but that doesn't look to be the case here. I can reproduce this on my end with every zip code, so I'll let our engineers know and see if we can get a speedy fix in place.


    • Just wanted to let folks know there's a workaround until we get a fix in place: make the "Location" profile question optional. Members will still get the zip code error if they enter one, but if they don't provide a zip code, they'll be able to sign up.

      • The work around that I found, was to tell the user that instead of selecting UNITED STATES, select the line " --------------" right below UNITED STATES. This allows for a box to pop open and the user can manually enter the City with a comma and the States Abbreviation... like "AKRON, OH" 

        Once they are in, and the zip code issue is fixed, you can have the user go back and correct it. Its fine if you hold each users hand into the site like I do. But if you don't, you may want to follow NINGS advice and remove the LOCATION question from the profile Questionnaire.  CAUTION** I chose not to do this, because it warned that it would erase ALL members location from their profile's, and I did'n want all users locations removed and have to ask all users to re-edit their profiles to add the zip code again later.

  • I am having this same problem with zip codes too.  Eager to see this resolved. Thanks for the temporary fix idea.

  • I also have this problem and had 3 people report the same thing.  I tried it in FF, Chrome and IE and got the same thing....invalid. 

    I did what Aaron said and did not make the Location required.

  • Oh, and thank you Aaron for helping on this.  I am sure it is probably your day off and I appreciate it.  I know you guys are working your tails off.

  • Hi Chloe/ Gina/ Tyler,

    We were able to resolve this issue so your sign up flow should be working normally again. Hope you all have a nice long weekend and apologies for the rocky start to your Saturday!



    • Thanks Mayra!

      It is working now!@

    • Thank you - Its working again.  

      There seems to be a lot of "construction" dust lately...

      Every week, its something else. Filemanager failure, 500 Errors yesterday, The NING Dashboard was out a few days back, and now this Zip code issue...  Not to mention the numerous bugs that are piling up that I have tickets in on that have replies to them that they are "Medium Priority"...?

      I'm sorry to be sounding like I am gripping here, but, I don't remember having this many issues ever strung together in one year, let alone with in weeks, and the outages that have been happening over the past 2 months.

      Something is up - what are you guys doing over there? 

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Hey Pothead, 

      I just tested out the sign up flow for and it did successfully pull in my city and state after entering my zip code.

      Could you check it out once more and let me know if you're still seeing this? It may help to clear your browser's cache to ensure that you are not seeing an older instance of the page. Please note that you have to restart your browser after clearing your cache.

      Also you mention that this happens during "sign in." Could you verify that this is during registration. Just want to make sure we're on the same page.


This reply was deleted.

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