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Forums Layout I'm Struggling With

I've always been confused by this and I wonder if I'm alone. My forums in my 2.0 are setup to display the latest posts first.

Yet what is displayed automatically are latest comments by time which I find very funky.

Is it just me?  When my visitors click over, I'd like them to see the latest post first - not the one that was last commented on.  Now I realize I can click the down arrow and sort to get latest discussion but visitors rarely get that involved. 

Shouldn't "latest post" be the default rather than the latest activity?

Can someone explain the thought behind this because it makes no sense to me..............and all the other discussions fall behind.

Maybe one of you guys has a 'fix' for this?  I'd certainly appreciate it.

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  • Hi there!

    This feature hasn't been designed by the current team but I can understand the logic.

    So as there it's written the "latest discussion" and the word "posted" or "created" isn't mentioned it could be related to the activity under the discussion, as the latest discussion is the one that had taken place closer to the current time and the end of discussion could take place only when the last participant said the last word (or written in our case). So I think the people who have given the name to that option had thoughts like I have described, but it's not confirmed as I haven't found any records regarding this.

    About the work around, you can create the tab and link it to external link and it would take the members to the page where discussion are sorted by the time they were added.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    • Oh thank goodness.  Thank you Kyryl.  That worked perfectly.  Seems strange they set it up that way.........and that no one complains about it.  I must be the only crazy one.  *lol*  Thank you once again.

      • Hi there!

        I'm glad that I have been able to help :-)

        But actually, according to my experience, almost all forums I've been part of have been displaying the posts based on the date they were last time updated with a new comment. But that was maybe 10 years ago so I do suppose the things could have changed since then.

        Best regards,

        Ning Team.

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