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Many NCs like me don't have the skill to design a professional logo for their small networks.

It's also not easy to find a service online offering this cheap or for free. I have always been searching for such a link. Where you can pop in, come up with a simple but cool logo in minutes. Most of the links that say make a free logo let you waste your time customizing it but when you want to save it to your PC you find out all what they said at the beginning was a lie. You have to pay. They always have hidden fees but today I stumbled upon one unlike others. When I finished and saved the two logos I designed in less than 30 minutes, I couldn't help writing back to them.

Click here to visit them.

They have a donate button you can opt to use

I hope this helps the less computer savvy NCs like us.

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  • NC for Hire

    Great tip Denis, good for NCs that are just starting to build their network and logo.

    • Some old and computer savvy NCs too would need it. It takes time to actually sit down, concieve and design one from scratch. It's easier to pick one ready made one and add one's own touches.

      • NC for Hire

        Yes, you're right about that one as well.


  • Interesting. I bought mine from LogoNerds for 27 bucks. They have other packages that are more expensive, but I'm not sure why. My logo looks like a million bucks.

    Logo Snap might have come in handy when I built my first Ning network years ago, but I was fortunate to have had someone who did graphics and animation do my logo and all graphics for free. If I didn't have him, I'd have jumped on something like this in a heartbeat.

    • It's one of the biggest headaches when you just start off. I once paid someone to design one for me, paid 65dollars and had to change the logo two months after it was delivered.


      • 65 bucks and you had to change your logo??? Why?

  • This is cool, Denis. Thanks for sharing. 

    • You're welcome Syvia. Did you get one for yourself?

      • Actually, I used MycroBurst for my logo which I believe is the parent company or they just advertise at the top of the page of the link you sent. I actually do graphic layout, but logos are special. They are art. This site would have helped me so much in the process had I have known about it because I could have given an example of what I was thinking.

        It's a great start for ideas, and a nice way to begin the process. It's really hard to describe what you see in your head to a graphic designer. I will start here in the future. And anyone who needs a nice logo and has an idea of what they want or just want to play around with ideas, this site is perfect.

        Thank you again, Denis for sharing this. Everyone one of us needs ALL the help we can get.


          • Great concept on your site, Denis. The audio really drives your point. Here's my site. See you around!

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