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Help needed !

Hi there......I took over my network just over a year ago and had no involvement with the set up of I seem to have a problem with the centre background .....for some reason it appears to have lost some width in the middle (pls take a look at my site to see what i mean) and is just unsightly especially on the home page.

I asked Ning Support for help but was told they couldn't assist me with Custom Code.

Here's link to my Network

If possible could someone please help me with this......I do appreciate any help offered as I am not that computer savvy.......Thank you.....Jane..xx

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  • Hello Jane

    Just edit the numbers in this code and add it to your design studio CSS section

    HTML body { background-size:1750px auto!important; }

    • Hi George......sorry to seem completely thick .....but I have no idea on how to do this.....there are 2 body lines.....shown below

      body {
      background:@ning-body-background-color @ning-body-background-image no-repeat fixed center top!important;

      body{ -webkit-background-size: 1650px 1250px;}

      Not sure which one I am

      I don't see one that has auto!important init.

      • Replace the one in your design studio CSS section with the one I gave you.  

        This is the code to replace.
        body{ -webkit-background-size: 1650px 1250px;}

        The code you're using has -webkit- in it so it will only target certain browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and now Firefox - it won't work for Internet Explorer and any other browser that doesn't use -webkit-...

        Replace the one in your design studio with this one so it will target all browsers.

        HTML body { background-size:1750px auto!important; }

        • Omg........Thank you ......Thank you so very worked pleased.......Awesome!

          Thank you George.........really do appreciate your help...........xx

          • Your welcome Jane. :)

            By the way, sens your replacing the code  you can use a less aggressive version of the code.. like this one...

            body { background-size:1750px auto; }

  • Ok ...complete novice scares me.......but will try.......just scared I'm going to mess it all up.......hehe

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