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Hide module for signed in members?

I'd like to completely remove the default ning signin/up box which ive done.

I'd like to replace that with a text box containing an image with an "image map" that will contain links to both the signup and sign in pages.

My question : Is there any way I can have this module visible to guests, then once they have signed in have it hidden?

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  • NC for Hire

    Yeah why not. You can customize your sign up/sign in page without removing it. BTW, do you mean something like I've done in my network here ?

    • Similar to that, but i was going to remove the box completely rather then edit it. My idea was to use the photo (see below) in a basic text box using an image map for the links, then once members are signed in, that text module is no longer visible.

      I do however like what you've done as well which would be my second choice if this isn't an option.

    • yes; I would like to customize this how your page is done! Would you be able to help? thanks, Mandy

  • I would highly recommend George Compton on any and all design changes. Hope this helps you.

  • Hi Matt!

    Of course it can be simply done. Here is how.
    Your module is named "signinBox" (it's an example) like that :

    <div id="signinBox">put your signin signup box here</div>

    You must put this code in your custom code box :

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function boxVisibility(){
        if ((typeof(ning) == "object") && ning){
          if (ning.CurrentProfile){ // Member of network : hide box
            if (document.getElementById) { document.getElementById('signinBox').style.visibility = 'hidden';}
          else { { // Anonymous visitor : show box
            if (document.getElementById) { document.getElementById('signinBox').style.visibility = 'visible';}
      catch (e){ // Error : show box
        if (document.getElementById) { document.getElementById('signinBox').style.visibility = 'visible';}
    } ;



    And that's all folks!

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