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How to create a link page in a group

As we have no option to be able to create a ' link ' page in groups here is a way to be able to do that. I have set up a demo on my site which can be found here  . Once there click on the Garages tab ( my groups page ) and open the test group. In the pages tabs you will see one called LinkPage. Click on that and you will be taken to a video in my videos pages and as you can see this was a link page I created in the group.

It's pretty easy to setup so here we go.

1. First of all we need to create a Custom Page in the group as this is going to be our tab in the toolbar, now when you create the page give it quite a unique name, don't worry we will change the tab title later. Save the page.

2. Now open the page you created and in the browser at the top you will see the url for the page, copy that for insertion into code later. While we are here go to manage pages in your group and on the left click on this custom page and change the tabtitle to something else. The reason we did not do this when creating the page is because it would have also changed the url, by saving the page first we can change the tab title without it affecting the url.

3. Go the page you want the member to goto when this tab is clicked, it can be anything you want even an outside webpage of your group. When at that page once again copy the url.

4. Now we can add those url's to the code. Just replace the urls below in bold to those you copied of your own url's.

5. Copy the newly edited code to your sites&pages custom code end of page section and your all done.

TIP: As we have created a custom page in the group it is still a page so you can drag it to any position you want in your pages list.

Here is the code to edit, the first url is the custom page url you created in the group, the second url is where you want to go to when the tab is clicked. ( do not copy this line with the code )

x$('a[href=""]').on('click', function(e){

IMPORTANT: When replacing the urls in the code be sure to not leave out these "  " at the start and the end of the url.

Hope you find this useful

John :-)

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