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Hello everyone,

I've been searching for this but have not found the answer.

How can I post C++ codes on my net blog posts?

We discuss a lot about Arduino, hardware and software. The programs/firmwares are made in C++ like language, but Ning use to change characters and layout since was made for simple texts only, not for programming code.

I have tried to embed widgets like PasteBin and GitHub, but Ning cut them off, probably because of security.

Any ideas?


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  • I believe you can use the code tag. However, you will need to entity encode things like blank spaces, ampersands, brackets, etc. Anything that looks like HTML. I think you may also experience some <br> tags in some places. 

  • Ning tech guys,

    Could you please include as a safe iframe block to include on forums and blogs, like YouTube. 

    We really need this! We are loosing members because pasting C++ codes is a nightmare in Ning platform.


    • NC for Hire

      I was about to say in a colloquial accent. "You must not be from around here". Given your post was from 2012 maybe it's more like "You must not have been away from some time". "Ning tech guys" don't monitor these forums for requests like yours. It's safe to say they have stopped any active development of Ning 2.0 for some time and even Ning 3.0. If you get a response I will be shocked.

      You have a better chance at opening a help ticket but that increases your chances by 1%. I have put in a request in November 2015 for a similar kind of request and have mercilessly ridiculed their lack of response by basically asking the customer rep to tell the tech department that I don't believe they care after months of asking for a video site to be white listed for iframes especially since 2 videos sites that are currently white listed have gone out of business. I'm just told it is a difficult process and they are working on it (for several months mind you)

      I am sorry but if you expect nothing you will at least not be disappointed. Eric who responded to your initial reply was Community Moderator about 3 moderators ago and now they don't even have one anymore. Things have changed.

      • Very sad! Ning is too expensive by the services/resources and attention they are providing. Servers are always with problems, all requests take forever to be answered, no new resources and solutions and too much money charged.

        I am considering to move to another platform. But this is not an easy thing to do.

        Thanks for your comments. I opened a ticket to get that extra 1%.

This reply was deleted.

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