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As of today, I've been hearing a lot of scuttlebutt about the new Ning 3.0 for several months, but have no link to any of them so I can see what they look like. I'd like to know what the difference is between the old and the new.

If anyone can send me a link to an existing Ning 3.0 site, I would appreciate it.

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    • Hi,

      That's a carefully made site. It appears that Ning 3.0 still has no in-house search function yet.

      I think all of us who move to Ning 3.0 should explain to Ning in what ways we would like members to be able find content and other members, using different kinds of search.

      Otherwise we will need to use more and more category tags for forum discussions, and the category headers (tabs) will start to pile up in the forum menu. We can't depend on categories to make all our content accessible.

      I will be interested to see how search is used in the new Ning Creators group when that is set up soon.

      Regards, Peter

      • Peter I've been waiting for Ning search as well but fwiw - of the embeddable ones I've tried in the meantime, this one (although not the fanciest) has been working wonderfully.  Use it every day.  Although no tied to my Google account it's been a godsend until Ning's rolls out.

  • Here is the link to my 3.0 site your welcome to take a look, while looking around please check out the groups. The groups are the best thing I believe about the new networks. feel free to join so you can keep up with update as ning comes out with them. GB

    • Hi Marshall,

      How did you add the google sign up button to your network?

  • Gerry, mine is still a sandbox till chat, events, and videos are released. You can view it, however groups are not opened to the public as there is much work being done on them. CRF site




    Have a gawk...

    • I think that cat on your home page has scuttles!  

      Here is a migrated Ning 3 network that allows you to model rainfall into Scuttles and Butts (which are called water butt's in the UK) so it has both Ning 3 modeling and Scuttle/Butts

      • NC for Hire

        nice... we should make a channel on Beautiful Nation for your network.  Loads of great info in there..

        btw.. you may not need a second security question within your signup questions

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        • Thanks for the tip, John.  It does look much better now.

  • Here is a link to one of the groups on my 3.0 site which went live 2 weeks ago. Even without videos and events I am able to do faaaaar more with the new setup than I ever could on 2.0. And....I honestly feel that I have only scratched the surface thus far :)

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