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I'm creating a new Classifieds section on my N3 site. After seccessfully doing one on my N2 (view tip here) then migrating it over to N3 it didn't go over so well so I'm starting from scatch. I'm hoping for a little N3 creating insite to help finish up. 

Is it possible to control the layout columns on a forum "searched" page like we can on our regular pages? 8879085275?profile=RESIZE_710x

Here is the page I'm trying to have a 2 column layout on:

When i'm finished I'll be happy to share the steps I went through to create a Classifieds section on N3. 

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                • Oh wow. I didn't realize you could add more forums. I just converted over and I guess I'm still stuck in N2 mode. It's like suddenly becoming rich and you don't realize the control it gives you. This opens up a lot of opertunities. 

                  I'm going to play around with this and see where it gets me. Thanks Bizz!

  • Hi Scott, here is the first classifieds using blogs, there is also one in the groups so you can see that. Just goto the groups to see that one.

    As you will see the good thing about using blogs is you can use that main lead image to control how the image and layout looks in the list pages, also you can stop any other images from showing but still show in the main section of the post. What I mean by this is if you look at the surfboard post you will see there are some more images in the main post. I have also changes the wording to show as classifieds.

    You can try adding a post if you like as you will notice there are a few additions there to.

    I am going to do the forum version shortly so you can see that also. Sorry it's taken a while but jest been busy with work so not had chance to do it sooner.

    All Posts - Classifieds
    jr-images is a social network
    • Wow, that looks really clean. I love how you have the 1px frame style outlines around each post. How did you do that? 

      I've already set up Classifieds using a Forum but seeing your blog-classifieds I may try it out and convert over😁

      Also, would you mind sharing your code for changing up the "Add Discussion" button and "Discussion Title" in the Title Post box? 

      • Yes I will give you all the code for the blog and will do one for the forum as well so you can choose or use both depending on your choice. It's not much code, just a little custom code and css. I have also done a grid version, a bit like my members list page and will demo that as well. Should have something online for you later today Scott.


  • Scott here is the code for the blog classifieds page.

    First create a new blog page and name it Classifieds

    Go down the page and select all the items you of how you want to set the page up.

    In the list you will see 'Show Author Bio box ', deselect that as not needed

    Set the Excerpt Length to 250

    Add categories you want

    Select the page layout you want, either a two or three column is best.

    Once you have saved the page you can go back into it and use the Add content to add some items in the side columns like latest etc. To do that just click on Add Content then in the Options list look for classifieds then choose what you want from the options. Click ok to add it then you can drag it into the side column.

    Next we add some css into your design studio custom css


    .page-classifieds .compactImagePicker:before{content:" Use this to add the main image to your post --> ";padding-right:10px;font-weight:bold }
    /***** Disables content coming through on main blog pages *********/
    .page-classifieds .blogListPage-entry img.align-full {display:none}
    .page-classifieds .blogListPage-entry img.align-full {display:none}
    .page-classifieds .blogListPage-entry img.align-center {display:none}
    .page-classifieds .blogListPage-entry img.align-left {display:none}
    .page-classifieds .blogListPage-entry img.align-right{display:none}
    .page-classifieds .blogListPage-entry p >iframe{display:none}

    /* Side bars */
    .page-classifieds .blogSection-entry img.align-full {display:none}
    .page-classifieds .blogSection-entry img.align-full {display:none}
    .page-classifieds .blogSection-entry img.align-center {display:none}
    .page-classifieds .blogSection-entry img.align-left {display:none}
    .page-classifieds .blogSection-entry img.align-right{display:none}
    .page-classifieds .blogSection-entry p >iframe{display:none}

    /** LIST PAGE **/
    @media screen and (min-width: 969px) {
    .page-classifieds .blogListPage-entry img.align-full {
    margin: 0 20px 0 0;
    max-width: 200px;
    float: left;
    .page-classifieds .column-narrow .section-blogBundle img.align-full{
    max-width: 200px;
    .page-classifieds .blogListPage-entry{
    border: solid 1px lightgray;
    border-radius: 4px;
    padding: 20px;
    .page-classifieds .blogListPage-entry .entry-readMore{


    Now we need to add a little custom code, this goes into your Social Site Builder > Custom Code > End Of Page Section

    x$(document).ready(function() {
    x$(' form#entry-form textarea[name="excerpt"]').attr('title', 'Add description of your item here for the classifieds list page').attr('placeholder', 'Add a short description of your item here to be displayed on the classifieds list page. Note this will not be displayed in the main page of your item. If you do not add anything here then a small part of your description will be taken from the Main Details section.').before('<h3>Add Description Of Your Item For The List Page Here</h3>');

    x$('.page-classifieds .linkSelector > option:nth-child(1)').text('Newest Posts');
    x$('.page-classifieds .content-header .content-name').text('Classifieds');
    x$('.page-classifieds .content-actions a.button-iconic:nth-child(1)').attr('title', 'Add Classifieds');
    x$('.page-classifieds .content-actions a.button-iconic:nth-child(1) i.icon-add').text('Add Classifeds');
    x$('.page-classifieds .content-nav ul.subnav li > a:contains("All Posts")').text('All Classifieds');
    x$('.page-classifieds .blogListPage .module-header h3.module-name').html(function() {
    return x$(this).html().replace("All Posts", "Classified Posts");


    That's it and it should look something like my demo one. If you get stuck feel free to let me know.

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