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Make me love Ning 3.0

Hi There,

Ok I am at that point again- either make my site great or give it up! I have 10 yrs of my life into this site and  Ning...

Please don't judge me or my site by politics but from a fellow creator instead...

I need you to convince me that going to 3,o is the answer-

 I have a News and Discussion Website- I admit I have not spent the money on SEO and stuff like that but there was a time when my site was flourishing

and now you cant even find it in Google if you type it out!!!

I need a tremendous amount of help... and some fellow creator therapy...

I just can't bring myself to throw in the towel after this long...

Thanks a Bunch


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  •  Ning 3.0 is perfect for me I have experience of ning for many years ... this is a demo created in 1 day ... to many more functions of the old ning


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  • Ning 3.0

    • Thank you! Nice site!


      • you are welcome ... any question, as you can see, we are all ready to help you

  • Hi Suzie

    First off I would say don't worry about all the SEO stuff as you have a good member base already and your fellow members will probably pass along your site info. Concentrate on the members you have rather than worry about the ones you don't and you will have less stress. Your Ning 2.0 yes could do with a makeover but with regards to Ning 3.0 it has everything needed. There are a couple of themes that will fit you perfectly and as they are already responsive you will not have to worry about that. The design studio works a treat to get your site how you would like it. As you are a discussion based site the way you can create multiple instances of forums, blogs, articles etc could give you a new lease off life as will give you so much more scope for creating topics of interest etc. 3.0 is really easy to work with compared to 2.0, yes there are some differences but will soon be gotten used to.

    You will also find that there is no reason to add any code at all to get your site looking great although yes for some custom things that may not exist you may had to add a few bits but it is really easy to add code in three compared to Ning 2.0.

    Hope that helps a little

    Bizz :-)  ( John )

    • Hi John,

      I did not recognize the username "Bizz"... been a long time! I appreciate your reply...

      Yes, I am Finally going to make the jump!! In playing with the design studio- you are right on! I can see how much better my site can be...Don't know why it has taken me so long to make this decision!

      Thanks for your help, believe it or not- it is your code for my groups that is one huge factor for migrating!


  • So OK, I am playing around in the design studio on the 3.0 that was designed many moons ago (4 yrs?) anyway... is there supposed to be something there when you click CONTENT MANAGER??? Mine says no files! Hhmmm?

    • If you mean the Content Management this is for moderation and spam. This would be where there may be items waiting to be approved if you have set the approve before post in your pages. If you have set say the photos to be approved before they are posted then those would appear in the list. Also if you have some post that look like spam then they would appear in the spam tab. If you have not set the posts to be approved before they are posted then nothing will show there.

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