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I was wondering if a feature for the member's profile could be implemented at sign up or given by an admin to show on their profile page either on the image (cover) or as a profile question and could even be added to member search?

Like say you want to Feature a member by the month for your site, well there is a widget on the homepage but when visiting that member's profile it does not say anything. An admin could add a featured member tag to their profile, or when they sign up they can auto pick or it can be given to a certain group a tag under member roles, to show that they are a sponsor for instance, and could say how long they have been a sponsor, or why they are a featured member.

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  • Sounds like a cool feature to have!

    I once made an app that allowed the NC (Network Creator) to assign Titles to any Member, and that would appear under their name on their Profile page.  There was no ability for the Member themselves to select their title but that could have been added.  The app worked with an exteral GoDaddy server to hold the data, as many of my apps do.My fee is $300 and up for custom apps that use external servers.

    I was just thinking that perhaps there is an easier way to do what you're asking for.  Perhaps there can be a Blog or Discussion somewhere on your site that only an Admin can write to or edit, but is visible to all.  A post can be created containing a list of name:title for every Member who has been given a Title.  Some Custom Code box javascript can look at that list and then put the title on the person's Profile page.  Also, there could be a Profile Question, Requested Title, with a drop down list of choices.  If the Member selects one, then some other Custom Code box javascript can look at their answer and put their requested Title on their Profile page.

    I don't plan to test this out, but I'm pretty sure it can be done.  Any other developer is free to use my idea and see what they can do with it.  If anyone wants me to implement this, contact me and I'll give you my fee.

    • @TJ Yes I was not thinking with the question on the form and drop down or to even the new assigned roles of admin or what not in the membership area.

      I am def not rich so I couldn't pay for such a thing, but its ok. The result of not having a good decent coffee about me lately and or a frenzied pandemic everywhere lol


  • There is a way of doing this by using the member categories. So for instance you could set a member category for member of the month and by using the text label option and adding a sub menu option this will give you text over the members avatar and also add a link in the members list page so members can click on that to check it out as well. So then you would just add the member to that category for the month then remove and replce with someone else. Any text labels you add will always show over their avatar. Members can be part of multiple categories as well. I added one of my members to this months featured member and also into the category of sponser. You can have lot's of categories for member rolls etc. I am working on some code to help make things stand out a little by moving the text under the profile cover area and also working on a way for you to add more descriptions.

    Here are two examples, the first is just my page and the second Harley Quinn page is the one showing the category info

    Here is an example of the members list page and it's nav bar showing those categories

    4481711950?profile=RESIZE_930xHere is an example of the member categories

    4481724106?profile=RESIZE_930x4481726709?profile=RESIZE_930xThis will all work as it is without any code by just using these but as I said I am working on some code to help make things look a littl better to help the text stand out on profiles better.

    Will update more once I have completed the code but you can check out how it looks so far by visting my site. If you go to my page here you will just see my avatar and it has just a crown stamp on it. If you go to the Harley Quinn profile page you will see how I have placed the sponser and Member of the Month text, when a member is removed from a category that relevent text then does not show up

    Well that's it so far and will update once I get further along.

    Bizz :-)

    jr-images is a social network
    • Good work, Bizz! This should solve this issue.

      • Thanks TJ :-)

    • NC for Hire

      Nice work Bizz...

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