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Jacob asked how to do this and I had some code from a while back so here is the code to share.

What this does is remove the crop from the main avatar in the members profile page so you can set your own size for it. I have adjusted mine to 180px and you can see the difference by visiting my profile page here:

We need to add two bits of code.

Before we go any further I would like to mention the code to remove the crop was some code Sweet Potato had used in a previous tip which I edited for the profile page tip here. Thanks SP for the original code posted some time back.

The first code goes in your site and pages custom code end of page box.

//Remove Crop Of Profile Avatar
x$(document).ready(function() {
x$('.profileCoverArea-avatar img').each(function() {
    var profileImageSize = x$(this).attr('src');
    x$(this).attr('src', profileImageSize.replace(/\?width=\d+\&height=\d+\&crop=\d+\%\d+\A\d+/, ''));

And this next bit of code goes in your design studio custom css.

You adjust the width:180px to the size you want.

/* Profile Page User Avatar Size Adjustment */
.profileCoverArea .media-frame > .media-img{ max-width:100%!important }
/* This sets the size of the image */
.profileCoverArea-avatar .avatar-90{ width:180px }

That's it all done.

John :-)

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  • Nice Job!  i Like the idea and it looks  Great from mobile devices. i wonder if this can be possible  with the avatars that appears on the members inbox panel( the avatars look  very small)

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