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Membership management achieves

Add some encouraging titles to your member's profile picture!

Instead of using membership management achieves and points area in the members tab, you can use it as a way to give them neat nicknames and interesting titles. They could "pay" for the title, or it can be given as an award or just because.


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  • Titles are a cool idea!  I offered them many years ago, and the networks who used this feature said people enjoyed having titles on their profile pages. 

    • It adds some excitement into such a membership site. I remember when people did them and used blinkies. Remember Stamps and Blinkies? lol

  • I think this could be done in various ways by using the achievments, members categories and adding a list to choose from in the profile questions, then this could be display either under their profile image or somewhere else, basically it could go just about anywhere you wanted on the profile page.

    I did a similar thing in the past where a few different member categories where added and the members in that category had the category name added, for instance Sponser was one of them so members who payed to sponser the site were put into that category and they had Sponser under their name.

    Will set some demos up on my site as it might be interesting for my Game Of Thrones Theme for the member to set a name from the Series.

  • I have started on about having names added to profiles. So far I have worked on being able to add a profile question which shows under the profile avatar, in the banner about part and also shows in the tabcontainer > about. As you can assign members to groups when they sign up depending on their answers to that part, I have also got that to show up in the profile banner. For instance the House Stark Group when the member joins that it shows the name I added in the profile questions. If you go to my page you will see the names there. You can try it out if you want as you are a member of my site, I am using my thrones theme to demo it so set your profile to Thrones Theme and in there you will see a question for Profile Cast name where you can choose a name which will display. If you choose one of the Stark characters and then join the Stark group you will see the House Stark show as well, I mention Stark group as not set any of the other houses up yet.

    Just a few more tweaks and testing then will show how I did it with just a small amount of code.

    I am also working on the achieve badges so you can do it that way as well as we can use the 'special' section for awards to get a name to show up. This will be a way for you to add or take away names or add them to members chosen by you. Still experimenting with this.


    • I did this, this way with Membership roles. Like some people will add Paid Member, or Free member, or sponsor or something, well you can also add some names like nicknames like I did with my membership peeps.

      8398210100?profile=RESIZE_400x  Click the image to see what I did.

      • Oh I see what you mean now, I thought you wanted to use achieves and not membership roles. I did hide the avatar badge as thought you only wanted it on the member profile page part. No worries will still work on it.

        • I thought I could, originally. But it is much more simplier if you use membership roles.

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