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Modules suggestions for 3.0

 I was looking at 3.0 networks and I was thinking of some new modules for them.

Such like a link directory, where you have like minded sites added, you see a thumbnail, and you are able to click the link/see a description, hardly no sites have these anymore.

Games Page - probably no storage for this though, through a plugin (maybe a paid for the month module) people can activate games or arcade for their networks.

 Post to twitter in the newsfeed like the old newsfeed from 2.0

More template and theme options - smilies, and emoji.

Ability to import themes from wordpress, blogger or other theme type sites.

Store Module, for a site like craigslist, or even one with a payment cart build in like spruz network.

Make photos load better and faster - smaller thumbnails and better photo view pages. They were also slow on 2.0.

Keep the former NING Light, which now goes to 4.0 Beta. 4.0 is a cms like wix. I understand innovation is good, but ningers will miss the social membership capabilities.

* Add html boxes to Ning Light plan if a member is paying for their Ning light as a module. <--- They need those html boxes!

* Web RTC support - allow Ning to go live like facebook - hold watch parties. Added maybe as a monthly add on paid for module.

* Ad supportive Module for adding banners or images to a box like facebook or banner exchange, people pay for their banner/adverts and NC's set the price for the ad/per month or so on.


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  • Hello,

    We do appreciate all your suggestions.

    Your feedback is already reported and we hope we will have some improvements on the platform in the nearest future.

    Thank you for using Ning and staying with us.

    Best regards,

    The Ning Team

    • Sure. Another thing was RSS I saw this yesterday, perhaps there could be more feeds added to the newsfeed module rather than just three of them, and since there is no way to make the twitter widgets anymore (which is a shame really) they can be taken out and something else another api could be maybe used.

      Also a small tip from 2.0 networks to 3 is the ability for members to add their own RSS module feeds to their profile page, like if they want to showcase their own blog feed or pinterest feed showing latest products or what not, and the abiility to drag and drop modules themselves from 2 to 3.


      Other than that I don't have anything else except maybe add html boxes as a module payment add on so ning light users (not the new beta of 4.0) can use it, because they are missed on that plan but I can see why they were removed but for those who need them it would be nice to be able to add it to their module plan on anyone who has a night light instance like I do on which I am considering upgrading in July. I need to be able to add rss in widgets which requires coding. I'd pay 5.00 to be able to use html boxes on a plan. also allows usage of html boxes on their paid plans, but not on their free plans.

      Dark Pagans is for darker, goth, nocturnal pagans 21+ and up. Vampyres welcome. NO RPG. Networking also welcome.
      • Hello,

        Thank you for adding more details.

        We already updated our report.

        Best regards,

        The Ning Team 

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