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NC for Hire

I was playing around with Glideapps and put together this little app for finding tips and tricks and for asking questions about how to do things with your Ning Community  

Give it a try and if you like add it to your phone's home screen to reach out anytime..


In addition to the updated version of the Ning tips and Tricks App I built for you and for this community, i wanted to provide a little background on the incredible tool which I use for building apps for communities.  I will soon roll all of the best apps into one megaapp that I will be offering to paid members of the community.  I encourage you to try GlideApps out...

UPDATE:  (Background) What I should have also explained is that Glideapps are built from Google Sheets as backend and database,... and so you can basically build an app around any Excel, Sheets, XLS, CSV document that you have.  Just drag it into Google Drive and open it with glide to start designing your app.

I've built spotify clones, instagram clones, podcasts, digital field notes, apps connected to groups in a community,classroom apps, dictionaries, you name it.  Tonight I am trying to hammer a spreadsheet copy of the US Constitution into an app for a friend in this community.

To date, and because it has become a borderline obsession during pandemic, I have built over 100 glideapps and many of them are for a global community of land surveyors ive work on for close to 15 years. Glide's detailed tutorials and Learn videos make building apps fun..What i find most awesome is the amazing support community behind Glide.  It reminds me of how the Old Ning Creators Forum used to be- collaborative.  It makes developing apps the most interesting part of running my community and the most enjoyable. Practically anything you can imagine is possible such as ...















Surveyors for Hire App



The Geoholics Podcast App



and much more....I encourage you to try Glide for yourself but if you don't feel up to it, you can hire me to develop it for you -save some time and effort.  If you have questions about what is possible with these apps drop comments below. If you need some help putting an idea together for your community, let me know. Have fun!

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    • my site is under construction, sure you have been useful to us creators, soon i will check your apps .. thanks for now, i think you will have to help music  sites, with innovative mp3 in uploading songs, i think it is a good idea for you. if you want I can send you my css and my reader to improve the situation in 3.0.

  • NC for Hire

    I have to tell ya'll  Glideis moving at lighting speed....  you may want to consider building an app for your community..

    • not needing business i left 3.0 it was not a good fit for my purposes we are all designers there it would not have helped anyone, thank you very much for your kindness and advice

This reply was deleted.

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