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New Chat Ning 3.0

My first impression this is what I see.

  • Our users can not see which of their friends or site users are online and could not  start chatting immediately.
  • Chat can no longer be opened in a pop-up window
  • Members can not ignore a user in the chat

New Features:

  • We can search  for members
  • Add members to chat
  • New design 
  • add file
  • add image

I would like to see the members who are online (as in the previous version)

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      • Is a user group being used for testing when new features are being developed Kyryl?

        There was the opportunity around being part of a user group / testing group for paid access but not chat 

        Might be useful given the number of features missing from this post. Looks ike there are lots of improvements but other things that could be flagged in planning and development that are important to users. 

        • Hi Mike,

          As I know the user group hasn't been used to test the new feature when it was in development. And right now it has been deployed to several networks and yours is one of them. It has been done in order to test how the chat works on live highly loaded networks.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

  • Hi! i just logged again after 7 years away. And the chat boxs seems as simple as in 2010, no actualized. How can i create new rooms in my chat? How can i have private chat with my members on the chat? Why people with samsung can send audio record and iphone users not... im tottaly in shock!
    • Hi there!

      First, you have to make sure that you are using the new version of the chat. Based on your comment I can see that you have the right version but for the people who have networks on 2.0, it would be nice to know that they could switch between chat versions in the chat settings on their dashboard. As usual, you should have the main room (Group), if it's necessary to have another private room you can just start the private chat with one of the members of your network just start typing his/her screen name in the search bar (the one which is located in the main chat window) and choose the right person from the drop-down menu. You will see that the new window with private chat has been opened, at the top of that window you should see the button of the gear, just press on it and there would be a button "Add a member to the chat". Once there will be more than two members in conversation it would be automatically turned into the group after by using the same gear button you will be able to change the name of that group (chat room) and its logo as well. Please note that such rooms are private and visible only if you have invited the person into it.

      By the way here is the article from our help center regarding the new chat functionality, there are several screenshots there so if my instructions are not clear maybe the screenshots would make them a bit clearer

      Regarding the issue with audio files, as I don't have an iPhone for the test I would have to pass the issue to the QA department but before could you please let me know if I get everything right when the user with iPhone trying to attach the audio file he/she is receiving an error or it's simply impossible to attach audio file, as there is no such option? Also could you please tell whether they are trying to upload the file recorded by them or it's the song purchased in iTunes?

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      New Chat Features
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