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New Search Bar

Great to have a Ning search bar, and I am happy where it is. However, the magnifying glass is outlined in blue, which is illegible on my charcoal grey background. All other text is white - can I change it to white too?  Also, the searchbox is too short, as somebody else has mentioned.



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  • Hi Annabel, you can change the magnifying glass to white using a little css added into you design studio custom css section

    /* Change magnifying glass to white */

    .globalsearch-button::before {
        border: solid 1px white;
    .globalsearch-button::after {
        background-color: white;

    Also if you want to change the acutal background colour behind the magnifying glass you can do so with this, the first line is the colour of the button and the second line is the button when hovered over. You can add hex colours as I have done on the first line or just type the colour you want for instance .globalsearch-button { background-color: darkblue; } again this goes in your css section.

    .globalsearch-button { background-color: #2628e0; }
    .globalsearch-button:hover{ background-color:black }

    • Annabel I added a tip here to change the size of the search bar and shared the  link below. The problem with just changing the width as when the screen size change all the other ning bar links can get a bit screwed up especially if the member has a long name. This tip will move the bar aove those links so they have their own space to move in.

      Make your search bar bigger

      • Hi John,

        I have forgotten to mention this before so I will correct this terrible mistake as of now. Nice to see you are back on creators, hope you are doing fine.

        Best wishes,

        Ning Team.

        P.S. Sorry for off-topic

  • I'm headed out the door so this is off the top of my head; someone else may chime in on this but her goes.  You can adjust the size #s below as needed.  Place the in the CSS section of Design Studio:

    /* widen search box */
    .globalsearch {width: 300px;}

    /* adjust search border */
    .globalsearch-button {border: 1px solid green;}

    You can even consider changing the background, if it helps

    /*change search background */
    .globalsearch-button {background-color: black;}

    /* search background on hover */
    .globalsearch-button:hover {background-color: green;}

  • Buwahahaha!  We hit this at the same time.  Awesome John!

    • We sure did, just one note that the search border you mentioned will only change the border around the button not the actual magnifying glass.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Hi George, you would need to add this for the stem

      .globalsearch-button::after {
          background-color: white;

      And this for the circle

      .globalsearch-button::before {
          border: solid 1px white;

  • Great!  Thank you so much everyone for all these suggestions. I will try them.

    • Works a treat - thanks.

This reply was deleted.

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