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Ok so here is a new tip I have been working on with regards to video pages. As we know when we have video pages the videos are listed by the video image and when we click on one of those it then goes to that videos main page to view the video. All works well enough but a bit of a pain to keep going backwards and forwards to just view some videos.

So here is what I have come up with. When you click on a video from the list page or video bundles it loads that video into that section and auto plays it.

Click on another video and the previous one closes and loads the new one.

There is also a little toolbar which shows up so you can click the X if you prefer which closes the video, there is also another icon to the left which will open the video in a bigger player.

At the bottom is a  Like/Comment section which when clicked on will open the comments form which you can view comments add a comment and rate it or like the video

The expanded viewer shows a bigger version of the video and also has a menu at the top right where you can also comment, like the video. A restore button is also there which collapses the video back into the list page or an option to close the video and return to the list page.

There are navigation buttons which enable you to go to the next video or previous video, the video which auto play when it's loaded.

Works in the Add Content video modules you add to a page as well

Also works in profile page tabContainers








You can see this working on my Activity page



Althought the Like/Comment section does not show underneath the video you can still do that by using the expand video option by click the box on the top left




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  • NC for Hire

    This looks really cool Bizz!

  • Now added the navigation for previous and next videos. So far all looks to be working very well. Think this is just about ready to share but will give it another day or two for some final testing and a little tweaking.

  • Stars ratings now added to them, all that's left to do now is a filter by ratings and then add comments form.

  • Made some more updates to this, now in the list page when a video is chosen it autoplays, also now can add view comments and rate and like. In the expanded viewer you can also view comments rate and like . Also when using the next or previous it now auto plays the video when loaded.

    This is just about ready to share the code once I have added one more little update.

  • 9588923677?profile=RESIZE_584x

    Added a little update to this as thought it would be nice to show the video next to the comments when you choose Like/Comment from the list page. Also a few little bug fix's for when you have add a video module and there are other video modules on same page or it's added next to the list page. The next and prev buttons where getting a little confused between all the videos so that's now fixed.


  • it is also possible on 2.0 ?

    • Sorry Not with this code, Ning 2.0 is coded in a different way. It would be possible but everything would have to be re-written for 2.0.

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