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  • NC for Hire

    not sure anyone does, honestly

    • JFarrow I think it has to do with the ZAPIER third party thing.

      Because my keys from the zapier thing appear in the ning api area.

      However, Zapier is useless to those of us who are not going to pay $15 or some such to use Zapier to post a blog feed rss or what not.

      I was hoping we could branch into other api's, things like slack, hipchat, IflyChat which has single sign on but I don't know if it works best with ning as is or after you apply your api key in the back end like wordpress or buddypress. Woocommerce app would also be good to go in the direction of as well as Ecwid maybe as a store app that could connect to your ning site.

      Ning apps could pop up from the back end and with the api could configure things like wix would. Maybe ecwid or etsy or ebay stores, woocommerce app, chat apps (comet or Iflychat) both add video and voice to your website and have html code. Rumbletalk is also good, conference chat app like bluejeans or zoom chat to go live. Tinychat allows video and voice in a group setting also. Zendesk / Olark for customer service.

      Cloudflare allows integration with ning gives a free domain ssl cert and allows functionality past ning. May be a good idea to work with Clouflare and also other services like it.

      UNA from dolphin/boonex just got their own video/voice chat messenger and groupsville ( new version of their platform has video chat built in now so it would be interesting if ning could work some apps in with their api setting. Probably already in the works.

      • NC for Hire

        honestly..i would just like to be able to push and pull data from spreadsheets  but all that looks interesting as well..

        • JFarrow there is a zap from zapier that supposedly does that. Google spreadsheets as well as airtable. I didn't understand that stuff though lol I am not that fluent on spreadsheets and stuff.

          Ning I like how instead of doing an at mention You now show the user's picture in a reply on a forum. :) Cool deal there.

      • They wouldn't have a choice but to work on a video chat because its what everyone is using more so than blogging.If they do not have if by the time my yearly subscription is up I'm jumping ship.😉

        • Have you tried a third party chat bar, This is Bully? 

          Honestly I don't even think socialengine has a built in video messenger chat for it's service and I expected them to do so. CometChat would intergrate well as would Ifly is not that expensive per month either but it depends on your users and what you want to provide.

        • Where would you take your site? You can DM me in my inbox if you want (instead of saying it here)

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