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As you well know, sometimes the pages/sizes and such for a paid plan on ning for videos and pics slows down your website community.

Perhaps like me you like the ning light free plans and want to find a cheap or free hack or tips for posting video or pics outside of activity feed.

I have some tips now for you to try.

1. Comment Box. The Comment box aka old chatter wall module has the ability to be flat, standard or threaded and in some cases disqus. This will allow you to add #hash and @mention to your blogs or articles pages only tho where disqus is allowed. Also the Comment box can be renamed to be anything you wish and a seperate one can be made for images which helps site loading time as photos page is just slow. This can help with the bandwidth too your site as well. Upload a Video or an Image or two to a comment box module and it can be moved about the layout and pages. You can also comment on the media as well. The comment box then clues in the site feed about your post!

2. Create an article section for video embedding or photo slider embed on ning. Go to your social content creator and create an article page. In the categories part put Videos Media, Pictures Media. Name the page itself something like bulletin or media dash, and when you want to upload a video or photo, open up the page and add a single video, a video playlist, a single photo or a bunch of photos or a slider of images that you can make on third party websites. On the home page or start page, add the module called "Bulletin or Media dash" to one of the sides or middle part and you have video or photos on your page that slide. Make sure you click on "Detail" for the module and then display "1000" characters or it won't show right, and it will play in the module as well.

3. Chatbox third party hack: I like chatboxes and two of the best I like to use is as you can post videos in the chatbox. Using the chatbox as a media video player only you can use it to your advantage, no loading time from ning and no slow bandwidth. Minnit.Chat also allows gifs from tenor to be displayed in chat and that allows personality on your community.

4. Allow members to add playlists from youtube on their profiles: They can choose how many go in on a playlist and then it plays on their profile.

5. Work with members to add a playlist to an html box on the front of your website, or choose them yourself to promote music.

6. Profile hack: Profiles allow html so add a spotify or music/video player into a longer text box on the profile questions ask and let them define their players. This takes the slowness out of the music player itself.


A good way to get a workable calendar is to use a widget from bravenet tools, and config your calendar there and post it on a page here. They also have other tools you can use here as well as stand alone.

You can also use a widget straight from google calendar and paste it in your site.


Have a meetup site and need a map for your users? I found one yesterday for free and paid at it has html to paste on your site under print or share.

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