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Ning. Open your Mind

   I took care to carefully see what Ning offers and what our site needs. It is a professional observation made with respect.
Ning is one step away from offering what has never been seen before. But it seems to focus on things that do not change the experience of the members with our site. Here it is.

Help us engage our users. this is the most important at all.

Create a reward system for member actions. Earn points by sharing, commenting like etc

Be withe label again. Do not force the Ning logo on our site. So we can sell ads and look more professional for the eyes of our sponsors and our members. It's important to looks unique. 

Move the add photo button to the right place. Today the way 90% of people can not find it.

Integrate with Facebook like sharing, enjoying, commenting and all features. ( It's few years that does not not working )

Create a layout that are beautiful. The sites offered by Ning are the ugliest on the market.

Do not limit plans with bandwidth or space for uploads.  It makes it seem wrong to grow up. 90% of the companies today offer unlimited space. The world changed. We grow, Ning Grow

Do what you say you will, so that helps we trust Ning again.

These are truly important points. I do not think they should invest time in things like analytics because google Analytics works perfectly. Do not waste time on what already exists or will not change the members' experience. 

PS: The photo I send in attached, shows one thing that you offer and do not deliver


Best regards,

Fabrício Giugni

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  • I would like to see all of these thing for my 2.0 site.  Thanks for making that list Fabricio.

  • Move the add photo button to the right place. Today the way 90% of people can not find it.

    I've been asking for this since I migrated 2 years ago .There response oh we're going to pass it to our team but it's not on the list of things they have in their plans
    • Hi there!

      I'm not sure why have you decided that the moving adding that button isn't in our plans, probably I have made you think so somehow if so I do apologize for this misunderstanding. 

      We are right now on the step where it's necessary to choose where such button should be placed. In the post that you have posted, basically because of which I have created the suggestion in our task tracking system you have mentioned that it should be placed in activity feed directly, so the person could add the photo or for example blog post just like it's made on facebook with their timeline so it's the first place where it could be added.

      Regarding the add photo button separately, if such button in activity would be available whether there will be any need in adding the button on the profile page of each page so they could add the photo from profile page as well.

      Also, there is another place where such button could be added, just at the top of the site near search so the members will be able to add any type of the content from any page of the network, however, we do understand that this probably not the best as it would appear that there are too many buttons at the menu bar.

      That's why actually there is the other idea. For example, there could be the button to the right side of the screen which is fixed and even when you are scrolling it stays in its place.

      Please share your thoughts about all from above, as we don't wish to add the button in a place where it's not needed.


      Ning Team.

      • My opinion it should be added in the status box and comment boxes in the groups too
      • I just had a new member yesterday left a status asking if he can post pics .Its how confusing the platform is ,then went to my competitors and post photos with no problem
        • Add the button to the right side of the screen which is fixed and even when  i am  scrolling it stays in its place is a Great Idea.

          by the other hand , adding  it in the feed is not a bad idea but it is not very original i think.

      • This is my thoughts on the photos button.

        A floating button fixed on the page is not a good idea as it will just get in the way especially if the screen resizes, also where would the button go when on smaller screens ?

        Not put it in the Ning bar as there is not enough room for it especially as we have the search bar there now as well.

        The best place to put it would be below the status section, the advantage with it there is that non members do not see the status box by default and so they will not also see the buttons added there, also in the members profile page those buttons will be seen as each profile page has an activity feed. Now here is an image I took from another social network site so you can see they have the photos button and also video and events in the status section.

        Ok so far but now here is the problem, because of the way Ning works by being able to add multiple instance of pages like photos there will need to be a way to detect these pages and provide a drop down list of which page the member wants to add the photo or videos to etc, if the site only has one photo page then a dropdown selection is not shown.

        How I was going to solve this for mysite was to create an activity photos page and a normal photos page. So the member could choose where to add the photo/s. So if they just wanted to add a photo into the activity then the activity photos page would be chosen when they click the button. These photos like the site photos would show up in the activity feed the same as the normal photos page but by having the two types it makes it easier for the member to see what photos where added in the activity and what was added to normal photos. By default now any photos added by a member in any photos page shows in their profile page photos.

        Of course the add photo button still needs to be left where it is in a photos page in case a member goes to a photo page and wants to add photos, if you take it away from there it will be very confusing and odd not to have it there.


        • I imagine a button that appears on each page and have an option to hide it in case it seems annoying for some users.

          To solve the problem with the small screens could be transferred to the footer part of each page on mobile device.

          • Hi there!

            I'll post the reply under Javier's post but it doesn't matter that the answer is related only to him. So J.AyvarBizz ( John )Thisisbully thank you all for spending your free minute and sharing thoughts with us regarding this question.

            I have combined together all points raised by you and passed them to the management, I hope they would choose the best solution for the platform. As of me, the best one is when it's possible to post from the status bar as it's more familiar to users.

            Thanks again,

            Ning Team.

            • Thanks!
This reply was deleted.

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