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Everything is going ok when I use the Ning Archiver to backup/archive all my 2.0 content.  Have big roomy drives to load it onto.

I get everything done, but Discussions is giving me a problem, so I can't complete my archived features.

I download the .json files ok, then I click the button to download the discussion media files...and instead of that beginning (as it does just fine with all the other features), I get the error message that it cannot read or access the .json files it just downloaded.  Thus I can't download the discussion media files.  I need this to complete my archive.

I just filed a support ticket on this, but I'm wondering if any one else is having THIS PARTICULAR problem as I am.  Please let me know here if you are getting this same error message about the Ning archiver not being able to read its own json files.

Yes I've tried just about everything, over the past couple of weeks..nothing seems to help.

If I get this resolved through my ticket i will report back here as it might help others.  Thanks!

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  • NC for Hire

    I recieved that same error the other day.  I then logged out of archiver, reset the permissions/properties of the folder i was exporting to, logged back in and it seemed to work.  Hope this is of help..

    • JF-  thank you , I will try this next time then!   Can you please tell me what permissions/properties you reset?  What settings should I try to change on the folder, and reset them to what setting?

      • NC for Hire

        i believe i set it to allow read/write permissions as it was only set to read

        • I will try that next time- have to wait another 24 hrs now...   thank you!

  • NC for Hire

    Sorry to hear Strumelia. If it's still not working I may have a workaround solution for backing them up. Let me know by sending me a private message.

    • Thanks Garfield!

      I just heard from Ning Support on my ticket an hour ago, and they re going to make an attempt to reproduce the problem, but they have to wait til tomorrow to try it.

      Will post any news back again here.

      JF- I think just restarting the archiver did the trick for that, but am getting another error now.  Ning support now says they are looking into testing it themselves on my discussions, hopeful;ly tomorrow.

      Interesting that I am only having this issue right now with archiving my Discussions, not the other features.

      Thank you both for responding!   Will update here later.

      • NC for Hire

        No problem... i hope you get it sorted out.  Garfield is a whiz at the archiver..

  • Just an update-

    I have been communicating with a nice fellow from Ning Support who has been trying to test and figure out what is preventing me from successfully downloading my 'Discussions' feature and associated media files. 

    We both did a bit of sleuthing with the files and we think we may have found the problem.  But it's slow going because each time you try to download, if it balks then the Archiver program makes you wait another 24 hours before it lets you try again.  Slow going testing because of that!

    After removing a couple of troublesome media files, I am going to try it out again but I have to wait until tomorrow before it'll let me.   Will report back here if our tweaks worked.

    It goes without saying that if anyone wants to migrate their network content from Ning 2.0 to either BuddyPress or SocialEngine PHP, they will need a recent error-free copy of their network archive- not only the .json files but all the associated Media Files as well.  For that reason alone it's important to keep our Ning Archiver functioning.

    • NC for Hire

      Great news! Thanks for the update.

      • Ah, well the 'good' news is that someone from Ning is actually helping to solve my problem.  But of course the 'great' news would be if it works!   stay tuned...   ;)

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