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Possibly Ning 2 or Ning 1.5

Today, an amazing discovery for those who still like or want Ning 2 or Ning 1.5 like networks, which is Elgg related.

You can try it and upgrade it for cheap without banners at which is a clan/team hosting site, however you can create other types of niche sites. The only issue is Groups, you create one and you post to it little things, its more like a bulletin area like old socialgo and the former vampirefreaks website. Amazing themes, and some non gamer ones as well and you can edit all of those in theme builder. Upgrade is anywhere between 7 a month to over 49.99 for the elite package.

My site there is in basic form atm.

Here is a screen shot:


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    • NC for Hire

      agreed.... complete trash

      • I disagree with you and I am pretty sure others have gone over to look, and may decide to make a progressive move off this site too.

      • Alessandro, Justin, thank you for your support! 

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          • Hello Alessandro!

            While we are very happy to see people rooting for our platform with such passion, it is important to remember that every person's experience is unique, and should not be easily brushed off. Every person can have their own opinion and they are free to share it until it is done respectfully :)

            Best regards,

            The NING Team


            • De nada

              • Dood we have not even spoke in this thread since June 2020. I don't see why you came to bump it back to the top? Btw you have a lovely design on your network.

    • I like it once you pay for it the ad's are gone, and it even has hash and @mention, which is high on my list of must haves. However 3.0 is good I agree but I miss having familiarity with 2.0 which I know Ning admin has the power to re-create people if the price is right.

      Perhaps I would be more on the ning paying bandwagon is they didn't turn off my main network, which I had asked to cancel but then sent in another support ticket, don't. Well they chose not to see it and well 404'd me anyway.

      The back end of the iclanwebsite is good as it has allot of the widgets we see on 2.0. The themes are all nuke but can be modifed easy enough. You don't have to use it as a clan website. It can be used as any niche website.

      I will be pulling off all my networks off ning by the end of the year. I like webs and of course which kicks the RTYUI out of any other network PERIOD. lol Three words Ruby On Rails.

      • Hello Ann!

        Please accept our apologies for canceling the network after you changed your mind and asked not to, it was our support agent's mistake and not intentional. 

        But even when the website is cancelled, it is still possible to reactivate it within 2 months without losing any content. 

        Also, can you please specify, what is Ning 1.5? 

        Best regards,

        The NING Team

        • My name is Ana, not Ann. Ning's earlier days, before the 2.0. Some the elgg layouts correspond to ning's earlier life span, hence 1.5. Sorry I had not replied earlier to this topic but I left it.

  • Hello Ana,
    I had a look at the platform you’re talking about and you’re right, it’s awesome.

    It reminds me of NING 2.0 style and I believe that many “creators” would be happy if was still allowing to create new netowrk with 2.0. Why is this not possible anymomre?

    Also Blogger offers the possibility to go back to a classic theme of the first generation.

    Why Ning is not accepting this request from its users? It would be great to select between 2.0 and 3.0 when you are about to create a new network. Ning is really amazing and unique.

    This would be a great Christmas present for the users.

This reply was deleted.

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