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  • You can remove the avatars with a little css. The only way you can set a standard set of pictures for members to choose from is by adding some pictures to a custom page then the member would have to save the picture to their computer then upload it to their profile from there.

    Here is the css to remove the avatars, just add the line to your design studio custom css

    .avatar-frame{ display:none!important }

    • You're an absolute life-saver, thank you. <3 

    • Do you have some similar life-saving css for removing the group-avatar pictures, replacing them only with the text/title of the group?

      • You could try this. The first line will remove the group photo in the group itself and the other line will remove the group image in the group list page. You will notice I added a background colour of blue to replace the image. You can choose a different colour and edit the code or take the background-color out if you want.

        .groupHeader-image{ display:none!important }
        .groupHub a.matrix-media-1-1{ background-image:none!important; background-color:blue }


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