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Hello, all. I am Pagan, been pagan for over 22 yrs now and online as well.

I am known on twitter and other social networks and I have an issue with something: People on ning who are pagan, do not like it when other NC's create pagan networks on ning.

Now, I know what you are thinking, we could you know invade the other site and use their items for networking or promotion, but diff types of paganism exist and not all pagans walk your path.

It's like there being one church website for all the denoms and non denoms you know. I want to know why other people are so prejudiced over what you do. I have been regarded as "unique" by the community (and praise the goddess too) for this distinct view. Why should you care if there is a better looking or better community site for Paganism or other branch there of? Pagans should not be jealous of one another in my opinion. True, its a personal path and its not for everyone, but, you should not frown down on the other links, its not spam and we should all look forward to networking. My site allows it, we love seeing new creative sites. Support has even tried to BILL me wrong and BULLY me in order to make sure I am not on ning's platform, and I think that is wrong. In fact I know it is, and I don't understand why these people have a job here because that is not support. Support is helping the client and customer, just like you were a sales clerk at a store or a waitress. Now replying back in a surly fashion and trying to mislead the customer. Pagans and friends of Pagans who think its ok to be jealous aren't truly pagan. If I have the same gifts as you do, why am I wrong for using them and my voice? Why are you fearful someone has a better life than you do? Change starts with you, and what you allow, what you choose. Choose and allow better.

Just like the pagans and heathens networking group here. I can't join because I do I won't be welcomed. I will be judged. What do I do that is so different than everyone else here? Oh, because I am dedicated to my path 120%. I am a mature pagan that is an adult and didn't have to rebel against mom and dad to be a stereotype. I suppose this is an open letter to the pagan community on ning. Why do you judge your own kind? It's silly and shameful really to know what some of you believe about your sites, their lovely looking and so closed down. Closed minded. It's sad.

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  • How can we be better pagans? Better people?

    How did our sites become so successful in the beginning?

    15 years ago the web was a different place than it is now. So, I am wrong because I post my link because I want more friends?

    I think we are all confused on how we got here. (We all Got an Invite from someone. "Spam".)

    Say Susan is a network creator for the pagan wheel. It's a social community about pagan experiences on the wheel of the year. She has 10 friends she invites. Is this spam? Think about it, did you say yes to this being spam?

    This is not spam. Her friends are Pagan and this is a pagan related invite to her social community. NOT spam. If she invited them to like her rolex site, then that would be spam.

    Ok, so some places on a network have a place for promotion. How do we know that if the group isn't open to us? Setup. So we can also advertise on our website profile. We do and then bam, we are banned for no apparent reason. This isn't being a good admin team. This is being biased because you're not really pagan to begin with. 

    That's ok if you want to just be a label but there is some of us out here that know what we are doing and we are happy to do it. This is not just a rant, I am trying to make pagan NC's and webmasters realize how they got so large and successful. Does the number of members make a website or social site acceptable only or is the material also needed? If you aren't social, then don't join a network. Got to share a little to be part of the mix. Does this make people accepted more? Are they somebody because they wrote an article or became friends with Susan the NC? No. This is not about acceptance or fitting in. Most people base social interaction on fitting in. But we are adults, we join social networks because we have things in common. Not because we're still a freshman in high school. Some people clique all the days of their lives, they think they gotta be a snot to get somewhere in life and have a nice purse and jeans that cost 55 dollars and shoes that cost 55 dollars plus and expensive jewelry, or all the witch things if their pagan.

    Magick lives on the inside, sweety. Not on the outside. They are not singling you out, they are being singled out because they know the real deal when they see it. They gotta hide behind four facebook pages and three instagram accounts and two store pages in order for you to think their real too and we don't. We are empaths. We can tell. This is not about saying to you all "hey I know why you do this" I am not writing this because "I just wanna be successful or fit in" Hell, I fit in! I am very successful. I don't have to have 3000K in monies from my network to be successful as a person, a woman or a pagan. I am very validated. I am writing this because you don't get the big picture. 

    WE are ALL in this TOGETHER. You can be gracious from the beginning and understand why there is a pagan social movement going on. (Because other religions make people think also and now none of it makes much sense and they force people to believe a certain way) anyone who does this practices a form of terrorism. I am pagan because its in my blood. I am pagan because its in my spirit. I want to share magick with people, like pagans are supposed too. I want people to know there is change in the world, and I am apart of it, because of my magick. I want people to know they can be apart of it, too, because of their magick. I want to make people think. I want to make people dream and have hope of a better tomorrow. Not because I want you to accept me. I don't need any pagan on ning to validate my life. I am Validated. I am free, are you?


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