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Some suggestions

  1.    Front end editting. I really miss this.
  2.   Ability to stick a post to the newsfeed or to the comments section.
  3.   Ability to post images and or videos to the newsfeed and have them go to the photo or video pages automatically.
  4.   Ability to pull videos from groups in video widget, and ability to pull photos from other groups to front page in a widget and from a specific album (photos) Allow videos to be compiled into a playlist. (like youtube)
  5.    Ability to pin comments also in groups.
  6.   Hashtag visible in newsfeed and also the @mention.
  7.   More modules for ning networks: Link page, store page, be able to add third party content from sites like steam or other gaming websites.
  8. More themes and backgrounds added to studio. Things like Niches: Goth, Halloween, Easter, New years, Holidays, Seasons and so on...Allow people to submit themes to ning that anyone could use, vote up applied to this.
  9. Ability in the chat and IM to see who is online across ning, not just in your network. Keep people from turning off chat/IM.
  10. For dating sites or any site ability to add poke or flirt function, you decide what function is called, Profile Top site or Group top sites, allows for ranking of profiles or groups on site encouraging participation.
  11. Allow members to advertise their own sites on the website for a small price (say in the sidebar) they can auto upload their banner and send in payment to a paywall.
  12. Country flag applied to profile, or member photo option.
  13. Ability to pin a message to the profile page, like say if you were an NC and you were looking for people to work for, sort of like the headline feature from 2.0

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                • I wonder if the photos code will work for the videos too?

                  I understand when Ning did this they thought well the user can just go full screen to watch, well now youtube is being anal and is not allowing fullscreen on such a set size small video. @Ning_support Team you may want to look into this

                  • No  the photos code will not work. I can resize the video uploads but they loose quality as when you up-load them Ning converts them and also their size,it's because there is a 100mb limit file size for each video, so when you try to make them bigger or go full screen the quality is lost. I think they did this to save on storage space to make the files smaller. It makes sense really because this add s to your storage so if you are only on the 10gig then if a lot of big videos get uploaded then that will be gone very quickly.

                    In my member sites I normally don't allow video uploads by members and only allow for admin for this reason.

                    On my video page and in the activity when adding youtube these are easily adjustable as you may have seen that mine look a lot bigger than normal, even the social channels videos I made bigger. Check out the Anna Chess for the social channel size.

                    • Yes, but if you pay $20 a month for videos and extra things and then Videos don't work like other sites you get a little discouraged.

                      Video is actually pulled from youtube, or vimeo etc it is their embed code, it places no strain on ning or your storage space, because when you click the embed code link under the video, it shows youtube code and not ning code at all, which means they have a video downsizer option to make it look like a storage problem with ning, when it's not so and ning has always had an issue with the videos page since 3.0.

                      If they (ning) allow your storage space to vanish due to youtube then well something is not configured right there, and that shouldn't happen.

                      I want members to feel like they can upload Videos. But then the size is disrupted when made really small so if you enlarge it via forum, or comment box or what not, it is still stuck at weird size and you can not go fullscreen anymore...

                      This is why I end up asking for refunds for my hosting, because if something is not right I shouldn't have to pay like it is.

                      Ning is the only host that has video player issues. Other hosting sites have a player that is full. Sites like yooco, groupanic, hiveflare, spruz, etc...I don't want to move my site again!! But it is something I am considering because my members nor myself deserve this like we are doing something wrong. I don't like to waste money. You can see that I can't go fullscreen from this.


                    • Ana you read my answer wrong.

                      Videos from youtube, vimeo our social channels etc DO NOT take up room on our storage as they are streaming services from somewhere else as the videos are hosted there. These are not downsized and the videos can be resized.

                      In the post above we are talking about VIDEO UPLOADS to our sites and it is these that take up space and are resized.

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