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Some suggestions

  1.    Front end editting. I really miss this.
  2.   Ability to stick a post to the newsfeed or to the comments section.
  3.   Ability to post images and or videos to the newsfeed and have them go to the photo or video pages automatically.
  4.   Ability to pull videos from groups in video widget, and ability to pull photos from other groups to front page in a widget and from a specific album (photos) Allow videos to be compiled into a playlist. (like youtube)
  5.    Ability to pin comments also in groups.
  6.   Hashtag visible in newsfeed and also the @mention.
  7.   More modules for ning networks: Link page, store page, be able to add third party content from sites like steam or other gaming websites.
  8. More themes and backgrounds added to studio. Things like Niches: Goth, Halloween, Easter, New years, Holidays, Seasons and so on...Allow people to submit themes to ning that anyone could use, vote up applied to this.
  9. Ability in the chat and IM to see who is online across ning, not just in your network. Keep people from turning off chat/IM.
  10. For dating sites or any site ability to add poke or flirt function, you decide what function is called, Profile Top site or Group top sites, allows for ranking of profiles or groups on site encouraging participation.
  11. Allow members to advertise their own sites on the website for a small price (say in the sidebar) they can auto upload their banner and send in payment to a paywall.
  12. Country flag applied to profile, or member photo option.
  13. Ability to pin a message to the profile page, like say if you were an NC and you were looking for people to work for, sort of like the headline feature from 2.0

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  • Hi Ana

    There is a lot of your list that can be done already, I will have a work through them one by one and try to show how to make them happen.

    With regards to the Themes ( 8 ) I am already in the process of creating some and also have shared some code too on creators to be able to add some of them.

    At this time I am working on further ways to be make it easier to add the themes and also working on a theme designer so members can select from options how they want their page to look, ie; colours, backgrounds etc.

    I am in the process of building a new site where I will be sharing a lot of my tips from over the years with Ning and hope to have this online soon.

    By the way here is a link to my page on my site which shows a game of thrones theme and if you pop into Harley Quinns you will see a little Christmas theme and I think Rosa is on the Steampunk Theme.

    The Themes allow for choosing a Theme, page width and also profile cover size's.

    Here is a link to my page:

    jr-images is a social network
  • 13.  For this you could do it a few ways depending on if you want a reply to the message. If no reply needed simply add an html box into the Social Site Builder > profile page and add the box above the main tab-container or in a sidebar then add you message into the html box and save the page, it will show on all profile pages. If you want a reply just create an articles page ( name it what you need ), set the who can add to admin but leave who can comment for members. Add your message as a new post. Next go back to your Social Site Builder > profile page, choose add content then select that articles page and set the amount of post to display to one and recently added. This will then show your message to all members, when they click the title it will go to that page where they can reply to your message.

    9. Very much this could not be done due to cross platform security issues form other sites outside of your own. Our current chat I am sure shows who is online but will have to check on that one.

    8. Posted a reply already for this one. That being said in the earlier version of Ning 3.0 there was a way that you could upload custom themes into the actual Ning themes section but that has since been removed.

    2. Will add a tip about how to pin posts as I have done that before so will make a new tip up.

    3. Do you mean to have some buttons under the ' post a status ' where they click to add let's say a photo etc. If so I will add a tip for that as also created a tip for that in the past but will re-write as is easier now Ning have added that option to modules.

    4. Can be done as long as the group is not set to private, a little code can pull the parts you want out from groups etc.

    7. There are various ways to do this for Link Pages and creating a type of classifieds page using the pages option and a little css to style them. You may have noticed I have a classifieds page on my site, it just looks like a normal page at the moment as took a lot of the css off my site which styled it as working on themes so just needed some space in my css to work. I will be adding back again and share a tip of how to create them. With regards to the Link page, are you allowing members to add the links or do they send them to you first and you add them once the link has been checked ? I ask as there is a nice easy way to add this if you are adding them.

    11. I have created advertising pages in the past and will post a few way to do this.

    12. Will have a think on this one as there are a few ways to do it.

    In the above I will work on the pages and add them to my demo site so you can see how they work. May take a few days as have a few projects on the go just now including building my new site but will let you know as each one gets added.

  • Hi Ana

    For number 11 is this the sort of thing you where after ?

    I have just rigged up a quick demo using a blog page for the member to add their banner to, then in the side bar of a page you just add a blog bundle from that page which shows the banner. It can be clicked on so who ever clicks it can then see the details of what is being advertised. You could set the blog page to be approved by you before it's posted so once you receive payment you can then approve the post. The blog bundles only allow 10 items per post but there are other ways to do it to be able to show more. Obviously a little more work needs to be done on the actual blog page itself but this gives you some idea.

    You can add categories to the blog page depending on the type of ad so you can then select different bundles to display on particular pages if you wanted by category so they may be relevent to that page.

    The code is set so all you have to do is add blog bundles to whatever pages you want and they will display the ads.

    Demo is on my homepage of my test site.

  • I got a way to upload member's ad's to photos! You go to photos and make categories. I have one called "Advertising" ok so they upload one icon image, add a link to it in the photo's description, and tell about their link and site. Then they send payment after speaking to me about their ad. Almost works the way I'd like and Links directory could work something similar.

    I'd still like to see ning itself create some module pages for use however. Officially.

    • You can still use banners in the photos page, all that needs to be done is to adjust the photo display a little for the add content Modules you add to pages.

      Below is some code I use to eliminate white space so let's say they add a banner of a height of only 150px or a small icon image, normally the photo page will show that image but with a lot of white space around it, below is some code which helos the page adjust to the height of the image and so removing the white space in height.

      I also have some code for adjusting the photos page to remove the white space around the photos in the main photo page when you view them so when you click on a photo to view it the bit around the photo adjusts to it's size rather than say having a small image with lot's of white space around it.

      Here is that code I use to do that

      /* PHOTOS Adjust the viewer to adjust to photo size eliminating white space and showing photo size 100% **/
      .photoDetailPage-image > img {
      position: relative; display: flex; max-height: 100vh; height:auto; margin: 0px auto ;}
      .photoDetailPage-image { position: relative;}
      .photoDetailPage .image-aspect-4-3 {
      width: 100%;
      height: auto;
      padding-bottom:0px; }


      • I have just added a banner which is 300px high to my photos page so you can see how this code works, as you move throught the photos you will see the height around the image adjust. I have not altered my main photos display list as you can see there is a lot of space around the banner image in that section but for an ad photo page this can be adjust so you look nice and neat.


        All Photos - Photos
        jr-images is a social network
        • Bizz thanks and all.:) do you have a way to resize the videos in groups? They are all 480x300 something.

          I like the way I did the photos thing so I am just gonna use that for now.

          • The ones you upload or the ones you link to like youtube etc ? We can resize the link ones and make them responsive accross your video pages, take a look at my video page on the demo site to see that, the ones you upload will have to take a look at as it's the way Ning sizes them for uploaded videos. I am sure I have done it before so will take a look though my codes to check.

            • Yeah the ones you upload to the videos page come out really small. :-P So I will look for a way to resize the videos and everything.

              • Ok will look into that for you  :-)

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