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SSL Solution

Ning recently told me they won't have SSL until November 2017. I use a normal URL (not the format), which means anyone who visits my site will get that nasty "site not secure" message.

Does anyone know of any SSL solutions or workarounds I could use now, versus waiting to see if Ning delivers on time in November? I have never gotten my project off the ground because I've been waiting for almost a year for Ning to launch various needed features. 

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  • Same here and haven't found workarounds yet. Hopefully things will speed up so this will be resolved in November !

    • Hi, Marco! 

      We'll email you about your network as well. Please stay in touch via email correspondence  

  • Hi, Aubrey!
    We will contact you via your email regarding the solution that we came up with concerning your network and hopefully you'll be satisfied with it. Sorry for the delayed response - our tech team took some time to check if it's possible.

  • Oddly enough, last week several times on my Ning, it showed it was on a Secure Server, with https:// at the prefix of my URL. I didn't sign up for it although I would have if it had been available. I'm wondering if it is in testing mode or what is going on, because it isn't there now.

    • Hi Gerry,

      Unfortunately, for Ning 2.0 networks we don't provide SSL certificate yet. If you see again your network displaying with https:// instead of http:// please inform us about that and our tech team will check why this happened.

      Best regards,

      The Ning Team

  • I was told in support chat that someone would contact me about this on Monday September 18th. Of course nobody from Ning ever contacted me. It would really be nice if Ning could do simple things like contact me when they say they will contact me, and launch features when they say they will launch features (where is payment gateway). I don't trust anything Ning tells me any more because they don't follow through. Failing on simple customer service. That's very unfortunate for a company that's supposed to be better than they were before they were bought out. Still seems very much like the same old unreliable Ning to me. 

    • Hi Aubrey,

      We do apologize for the long delay and not answering on Monday. But we have contacted you via email on Thursday (09/21) regarding SSL on your network. Please check your email and make sure that our email didn't fall in spam or junk folder. If you don't find it please contact us back and we will resend it once again.

      Best regards,

      The Ning Team

      • I did not get any email from Ning on or around September 21st. I checked my inbox and my spam folder and there was nothing sent to me or received. It's extremely rare that someone send sends me an email that I don't get, unless they actually did not send it.  A little hard to believe that you guys really sent me an email. This is just another example of the increasing problems I'm already having with Ning before I even get a chance to launch my site. 

        • Hi, Aubrey.

          Well, if you don't believe our words, here is the screenshot from our ticket system (I have blurred the part of your email and address and the text of the email itself as it addressed to your personally).

          Please check your email box once again and if you won't be able to find this email, just let me know and I'll send you it in a message here on creators.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team

          P.S. If you need any reference the number of that ticket is 1879155

          • Excellent Kyryl, it's nice to know what's happening on creators.ning!
            I do not use my network, I do not invite new members, I pay for it. and I believe that something new and better comes with this ning team!

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