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Text Ticker

I use this Text Ticker - code in a textbox on the front page to inform our members on important updates on the network:

<p><marquee class="html-wpsites" direction="left" behavior="scroll" scrollamount="4" width="100%">YOUR TEXT HERE</marquee></p>

It works great, as it draws direct attention !

In some cases I would like to make the text clickable with a link. Any suggestions how to do that ?





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  • Hi Marco!

    You can just instead of "YOUR TEXT HERE" put something like "<a href="your_link" target="_blank">YOUR TEXT HERE</a>", or if you wish it could be just one word or the part of teh whole phrase, so it will look like "YOUR <a href="your_link" target="_blank">TEXT</a> HERE". Also instead of "_blank" you can use "_self" if you wish the link to be opened in the same window.

    Hope it helps.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    • Kyryl, you are FAST !! As always... Thanks ! 

  • NC for Hire

    nice tip!

  • I like it! but without a background it is hard to see. how do i put a black background with the text ticker?

    • Not sure, we use it in textboxes with our standard Design Studio settings:

    • Hi there!

      You wish to add the background to the line of text, or to the whole module used to display this text ticker?

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • just to the line of the text. :) 

        • Hi Matthew,

          it's necessary to add just style="background-color: red;" into the <marquee> tag, so it would look like this <marquee class="html-wpsites" direction="left" behavior="scroll" scrollamount="4" width="100%" style="background-color: red;">YOUR TEXT HERE</marquee>.

          Instead of red, you can use any color code you wish, for example, you can use this site to find the code of the color you are looking for.

          The one with a hashtag is the necessary one, then you can just copy and paste instead of "red" but don't forget to copy hashtag as well.

          Hope this helps.

          Best wishes,

          Ning Team.


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      • Actually, adding background to a whole module sounds interesting to me as well ! :-)

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