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Text Ticker

I use this Text Ticker - code in a textbox on the front page to inform our members on important updates on the network:

<p><marquee class="html-wpsites" direction="left" behavior="scroll" scrollamount="4" width="100%">YOUR TEXT HERE</marquee></p>

It works great, as it draws direct attention !

In some cases I would like to make the text clickable with a link. Any suggestions how to do that ?





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        • Hi there!

          This one is a bit more complicated than a solution for one line. Also, it depends if you have more then one text ticker on the page.

          Ok, let's imagine the worst situation when you have more than one text ticker on the page. In such case, it's better to add the id to the code of the ticker. 

          <marquee id="first_ticker" class="html-wpsites" direction="left" behavior="scroll" scrollamount="4" width="100%">YOUR TEXT HERE</marquee>

          Any word could be an id so it depends on you which one to choose, just keep in mind that each id should be unique for the page, other words there shouldn't be 2 elements on the page with the same id.

          Also please note that the code works only if ticker is placed in html box.

          So just put this code into the html box where you ticker is located in HTML mode of course:

          var elem, cls, per;
          var htmlbox = function ()
          elem = elem.parentElement;
          cls = elem.getAttribute("class");
          if (cls != null)
          cls=cls.split(" ");
          cls = "test test";
          cls = cls.split(" ");
          return cls;

          elem = document.getElementById("first_ticker");
          while (per===false)
          per=cls.some(function(){for (var i=0; i<=cls.length;i++){if(cls[i]==="section-html"){return true;}}});

          elem.setAttribute("style", "background-color:red;");

          I have highlighted the id that you can change if you have more then one ticker on the page, and if you wish to change the background for it as well just replace red with the color code. I have described this in the previous comment.

          Also if you wish to use a picture as a background you can use another style properties, not only background-color.

          Please let me know if there are any issues with the implementation of this code.

          Hope this helps.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.


          • Thanks Kyryl, I got them both working ! :-)

            • You are welcome :-)

              Glad it works.

  • This is fabulous.. looking forward in giving this a try on my site. thanks for the tip. 

  • NC for Hire

    here is another way to do it  Tip: How to Add an Easy to Manage News Ticker

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