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This is one of the most exciting things that my admins and I have achieved for our network in recent days. We have successfully set up a radio. MyEE Online Radio. The objective is to use the radio to keep our community active and busy. We simply welcome members, we share, we praise active ones but also we really have programs that suit our network members.

I am not very good at sharing tips but I will try to indicate what you can do if you are interested in this venture.

Step 1. Make up your mind with your admins on how you intend to use the radio. Pick a catchy name may be related to your network.

Step 2. Go register at this website My Radio Stream. Registration is free. Follow the instructions on how to set up your radio station. They are so pretty straightforward that an IT dummy like me could get it right in 3hours. You IT nerds will do it in 30minutes.

Step 3. You will have to download two pieces of software. It's all well explained on their page how you are going to set them up.

Step 4. You have the choice to choose the free option which means your radio is free to broadcast but with limitations or choose the paid option which is 5.99dollars per month making you a pro-broadcaster and giving you the choice to have direct tune in from your website and other advantages.

Step 5. That's it. Promote your radio and go live.

If you would like to listen to my radio to test the streaming Click here. (Direct link to server)

If you would like to see how it looks on my network Click here (Tune in link from my network)

We had just been playing music until last night when we had our first live broadcast of a radio program which went great and got our listeners excited. Here below is how our schedule of programs looks like. Something from it might inspire you or you might like to tune in to listen to one of our programs.

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  • Sounds like a great idea! I love the included schedule, gives me some ideas too! :)

    • One of my members brought up the idea Janettee and we got to work. It gets members really excited because it makes them feel special. I just don't have enough time to be broadcasting. So it is set to music all the time until I get some more time and friends to help. Let me know if you finally set up yours.

  • I'm not computer savvy but how do you program all this stuff into those slots especially the broadcast?

  • Not the music the other stuff

    • Some of my friends are helping with the live broadcasts of the programs. I am handling the Sunday slots

      Alternatively, you can always record the programs and upload them as Mp3 files to the server in a separate playlist that you can click and play when the time you want comes.

      • Is the music done the same way

        • Yes. All the music you are listening to on that channel is uploaded to the server by me in the same way. You have full control over what goes on air.

          • Thank you for all your help.  It is much appreciated

            • You're welcome Phoron.

              If you do set up your radio, I'd like to take a look and probably learn something too.

              I underestimated their offer when I started but in a week I got confident. I haven't had my server freeze once so far. We are focusing on growing the number of listeners now.

              P.S You can have your radio on the mobile version of your ning network to enable your listeners tune in from their cellphones.

              I have mine working fine. The link is just on the drop down menu of the mobile version of my network. It plays on all mobile devices we have tested so far.

              All the best.

  • I just checked both links you gave for us to check this out and it says it's not broadcasting now and your network is private so we can't check how it looks there.

This reply was deleted.



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