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Slider by Sweet Potato

For most of us here there will come a time when no matter how hard you try you just won't be able to get it right.

The use of a slider to highlight key features of your website and important member content is one of the most valuable and attractive aspect of any network. I experimented and struggled with codes of all forms in an attempt develop a professional slider for my network. To make a long story short, in the end the slider itself and the manner in which the content was displayed made my entire site look unprofessional so I did what I should have done a long time ago...I hired a creator.

I know there are a few NC's for hire who contribute a lot to this community at no charge. I decided to hire SP because most of the improvements I made on my network came from his tips, not to mention he has the best slider I've ever seen on any network...hands down.

The entire process went off without a hitch and I got more than I bargain for. To begin with, SP completed the job way before it was schedule to start. Amazing isn't it?  Some of you may recall my previous slider having blog snippets complete with blog / forum post info as they appear on the acutal post (see here). That was all done manually. SP went above and beyond when he tried and was successful in his atempt to load blog content into the slider automatically.  

Not all the contents of this slider is being displayed automatically. However, for the slides that reqire manual updating the process is simple. I hit one small snag while putting in fresh content the other day. I just couldn't figure out how SP got the images in thier positions. Lucky for me he attached full detailed instructions in an email so that issue was quickly resolved.

Can't say how much I'm happy with the job SP did. Really love that slider.

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SP is Highly Recommended

Real professional...


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  • It's beautiful. SweetPotato sure is good at this. Thanks for the testimonial!

    • Thank you for showcasing their talent and fostering an environment in which the can exercise that talent.  

      The slider is beautiful in every sense of the word. Talk about a job well done...professionally completed well before the scheduled start time. Totally unheard of.


  • I've tried hire a creator but know-one wants to do my project :(

    • What is the project Josh maybe I can help :-)

      • I need a custom search. Will the same as the advanced search, etc - age, gender, location. But this will only search one field if the user has filled it in. In my case it's the Kik field.


        • I need a little more Information what exactly do you need added to the advanced search? and I'm not Quite sure what you mean by "Kik field"..

          send me a message with all the details.

          • Messaged you :)

  • Hi, i'm looking for a creator who's good with the phonegap platform to help build my mobile app.

  • Fantastic design!

  • It worked for me too. I bought the minimalistic purple pro SP theme, made some modifications, and now I have a design that values ​​content:

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