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In the past I have shown you a few QR code related Ning tricks, but today I am going to explain the way to add Multilingual QR codes to your site and how it could be useful to your international members.

How Is This Useful

Multilingual QR Codes Detect Phone’s Language,meaning it will notice the language set inside the phone and serve the visitor the pages they visit in their own language. In fact, Wikipedia unveiled a new tool a while back called QRpedia that adds language-detection capabilities to these static QR codes.

How to Add a Multilingual QR code to Your Ning

Pretty cool huh! If you would like to add the same type of language-detecting QR codes to your Ning web pages, below is the JavaScript code you need (thanks Amit). Just copy-paste this snippet into your website template where you would like the the QR code image to appear and the code does the rest. Code attached at end of post too

<script language=javascript>  var esc = window.encodeURIComponent ? window.encodeURIComponent : escape;  var url = '' + document.location.href;  var cht = '' + esc(url);  document.write("<img alt='QR Code' src='" + cht + "' />");  </script>

NOTE: If your website content happens to be in a language other than English, change the “en” value (highlighted in yellow) to your language code (like es for español or fr for français). Also, the above code generates a 200×200 image but you may change the default values (highlighted in green) to something else that suits your site’s layout.

If you'd like it on every page, simply place the code in a text box on your sidebar (2.0) or inside any HTML box which appears on every page (3.0).  The script automatically recognizes which page it is serving you.  With the new responsiveness of 3.0, you will be able to make more use of this because all pages are served up as the mobile version.

Practical Example: As many of you know, I run a network for professional land surveyors.  They come to my site for support and tutorials for the field.  When they find a page they want to take to the field with them, they simply scan the code for that page from the sidebar of my site.

Demo Here

If you are looking for some other cool things you can do to trick out your ning site, check out my discussions from the past.  And if you are in need of help with your Ning site, give me a shout on my profile.  Enjoy!

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