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So let's say you run a community which allows members to place a link to their website inside their profile.  Let's also say that your members wish they could have placed several links to their various other social media accounts and projects as well.  What is the quickest way to allow this without plugging in several other questions?  Enter Linktree

Linktree is made for Instagram accounts but will work just fine with Ning.  It was made for Instagram because Instagram only allows one link inside a member profile.  Your members will need an Instagram account to sign up (at the moment) and maybe by email soon but once you're in, you can use your linktree URL anyway you like and customize it to your liking and linking like so:


I created the above example for a project I work on called the BLUE Ocean Film Festival. Now that I have the Linktree URL customized, I can place it anywhere I like, including other Ning networks that I belong to, if they provide a way for me to link out to my own site.Hope you found this tip useful. It works great in combination with this tip about curating collections. You might even use it in combination with a Member Directory like this one. The possibilities are literally, endless.Let me know if you have any questions

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