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Trouble With Cometchat or Just Me?

These guys are making me insane and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same.

We went down two weeks ago (Monday morning 12/26).  I filed a ticket and it was finally looked at two days later in the afternoon.  Service was restored.

We fell down again last Monday January 2nd and another ticket was filed.  Again we received a reply January 4th saying "We are currently facing technical issues at our end which may result in a delayed response at this moment."

Seriously?  How do they not know their system was down?  Was I the only person complaining?

Finally on January 6th at 8pm I was told they had "released CometChat v6.3.2 with some fixes. Please clear your browser cache"...............and the fixes did not function at all.  The old codes don't work and the new codes didn't function.


I've emailed them numerous times with absolutely no reply from them.  I realize I have a short fuse nowadays but this is ridiculous! 

Is anyone experiencing the same?  I'm shelling out good coin every month for "this"?


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  • Skysa did close to the same thing for me. It auto takes out of my account every month. It took out and never showed that I paid them... Auto payment through paypal is the only way TO pay them. I sat for a week with no service after a sent in a ticket as proof. Finally had to call my bank and get it taken care of. I'm no longer with Skysa, I can say that much. Hope everything gets figured out for you!

  • This morning (one week later) they asked me for my URL which is hysterical since it's ON my account there but I gave it to them (to check).  They're seven hours behind me so now I'll have to wait for TOMORROW (8 days) for them to look at it.  Completely ridiculous

    If Ning had a 3.0 chat, these guys would be toast.  I'm seeking alternatives at this point.

  • Hi there!

    Adding Chat, Events, Paid Access and other features to Ning 3.0. is in our roadmap, so expect to find them on your Ning 3.0. networks in some time.


    Ning Team

    • Thanks Anna.  Can you give an eta on Chat?   Paying these people is killing me.

      • This and other features will approximately be back on Ning 3.0. in 2 months.

        • Thank you

  • Hello,

    This is Mike here from the CometChat Team. We have been making some major updates to our cloud offering and as a result it affected users hosted on some clusters. Those issues have been resolved since then. It appears that you faced these issues on a couple of occasions as your cluster was affected the most. Am really sorry for this.

    As you may have noticed, our look and feel has undergone a major update with a brand new UI. We have also added support for bots (should be available to all accounts shortly, if not already). 

    I do apologize for the inconvenience faced by you. As a small token, we have added a month worth of subscription free to your account. 

    Please do feel free to email us at if you need any assistance. Our team will be happy to help you further. You can also send in a direct message to me here.


    CometChat |

    • Mike problems still persist.  I'll hear a "ding" and there won't be any posts showing.  I'll have to refresh the page (Firefox and Chrome) to see any changes.  Can't tell you how annoying this is.

      Embedding a photo is a failure as well b/c it's too small to be readable and cannot be popped out to enlarge.

      I truly wish we could either enlarge the chatbox or make the font smaller.  It only displays 3-4 posts at a time and I'm constantly scrolling back up to see what's been posted.

      Now I received an email that I had cancelled my subscription.  NO I did not!!!


      • Hello,

        I have informed the team regarding the issues as well as your suggestions. I have also sent you a private message to provide further information. Can you please check?


        CometChat |

  • Yes I am having problems with CometChat Plus I have to say I really do not like the new ''UI'' whatever UI means, I mean I don't like the new look of it. It is not that intuitive and for older people would be tricky to navigate. It was okay before, why do tech companies always do these interface upgrades that don't make things better, just different...and in this case non operational. I ReALLY really do hope Ning 3 gets its own chat feature asap. It;s been a pain in the butt to have paid for outside chat for 3 years (for me anyways)

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