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Most NCs and members are loving the new Text Editor that Ning worked hard to implement for us.  But there are threads on here that indicate that some NCs are not happy with the new Text Editor.  Today I found a way to turn off the new Text Editor and replace it with a plain textarea.  It seems to work well for comments and replies.


I worked on this because the new editor affects my Smileys app and my Forum Signature app.  Both are working again on my site.


I am not ready to release my methods yet.  I just made this work a little while ago.  I just wanted to let you all know that this can be done.  If anyone wants to see it in action, please visit my site and comment about this issue, here: 

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  • NC for Hire

    Just sent someone your way. :-)

    • Cool, thanks!  Always wishing all the best for you, Jen!

  • l like this idea and am l to comment here or sign into comment? l figured someone would have the answer to this soon! Thank you for your testing and making it work.

    • You could comment here, but better to go see it in action at my site first.  You'll need to sign in at my site to see it. Thanks!

      • OK, thanks.

    • Does NOT have to be run on my server.


      I am very busy today, lol.  Spent all of it trying to solve this new text editor problem which was messing up some of my apps.  Now need to catch up on other things I didn't get done, like eating something, for example. But we will talk soon, my friend!


      • NC for Hire

        Sounds like my day. Sounds like my life. LOL!

        • Ning can consume time, for sure!  Once I read in these discussions that the new text editor couldn't be removed, I knew I had to try to do just that!  I know you're the same way, always trying to figure out a way to get things done, and you almost always find a good solution which helps this community!

          • NC for Hire

            I had fruit, cheese, a glass of Chardonnay, and chocolate animal crackers for dessert. What about you? LOL! And that was at 1 or 2pm. Isn't that real healthy? Now, finishing off the 3rd pot of coffee.


            Thanks TJ, same back at you.


            Happy Holidays,


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