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UPDATED 27-04-17

Well I thought I would re-write this post as quite a few updates since I posted this so here is what this all does now.

  1. When videos are added they show in the activity feed so we can now play them in the feed by clicking on the video image
  2. You can also comment on it by clicking the comment link or view it in the main video page via the link for that.
  3. Close the video by the little X button or it will close on it's own if you click on another one.
  4. Works when multiple photos have been added, click on one in the list and it will show up, click on another one and it will be replaced by that one.
  5. Works now on photos posted to.
  6. Click on a photo in the feed and it will show bigger with options to comment
  7. Click the image again and it goes full screen ( a bit like facebook ones do ) click the photo in full screen to return to feed.

I will post how I did all this as in the process of tidying up the code for sharing but in the mean time you can visit my site to try it out.


John :-)

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  • Just updated this now so when a few videos are added and they are put into a row by default and now my code will open those videos in the feed as well now. Also added a link so you can goto the video page to view if you want to.

    Next up will be the comments section and likes. Once done it should all be ready to share with you.

  • Well this is working a treat now, on tablets and mobiles the little full screen works very nicely and also the popout on those too as allows you to have the video open and still scroll the activity feed. On computers the youtube full screen works and closes back into the activity if you close full screen.

    Also when you click on any video and you did not close the previous video that closes then open the new one, the same with grouped videos except when you choose one of those that video is not shown in the list as you are watching it then when you click another it gets replace by that one. Click the close and they all return into the grid.

  • Would be interested to hear if anyone has tried this and encountered any problems. Works fine for me, but if not for you then let me know the problem you have so I can fix it up before I release the code of how I did this in case anyone else wants to give it a go.

    Thanks, John :-)

  • NC for Hire

    Wow that is killer Jon!  How did you do that?

    • Thanks, will share it once I get a few little options finished like adding it's own comment container in case others don't want to add the universal container code as well.

  • Added some more updates on this so it works with photos now also.

  • Well this is all working really nice now especially the photos, give it  a try. Click on a photo in the feed and it will show a bigger version, click on that version and it will show full screen, click the photo again and it returns to the feed. Comments can be added via the universal container I created but will be adding the comments under the video or photo throughout this week just to finish it off.

    I will be posting how I did all this on my site once that's done.

    John :-)

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