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Helllo dear ning users. I want ning2.0 network I knew that ning is not offering 2.0network but I want only 2.0 because I dont like ning3.0. Please if anybody want to sale ning2.0 network website contact me at(rashidch127@gmail.com or whatsapp me at 00923361563127).And if there is anybody knows thats hiw can I get ning2.0 network please tell if any possibility is here.Thank you so much

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  • This reply was deleted.
    • Lot of features are not available in ning3.0 which is just like backbone of my website like chat, members roles and authorities given by administrator of network to selected members. Css custom is not satisfied in ning3.0. Design studio and custom profiles page is not satisfied in ning3.0 and lot of things are not including is ning3.0
  • NC for Hire

    I know someone with one for sale... just sent you a message

    • Ok. Who wanna sale annd how can I contact him/her
      • NC for Hire
        They asked me to handle it for them so send me an email to the message I sent you and we'll discuss it. Thanks
        • Rashidch127@gmail.com
          Its my email adress.
          00923361563127 its my personal cell number we can contact on whatsapp. Thnx alot
    • Jfarrow do really want to sale that network because you are not responding me after one messege. I just waiting for yoou responce dear
This reply was deleted.

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