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A video recently posted by one of my top members generated a huge amount of traffic for us, the reason was that it was widely shared on Facebook and it was a perfect fit for our niche.

What has been the single busiest post in terms of views for your network, be it a blog post, photo, video, discussion etc and why did it do so well would you say?

Here is the video I mentioned which has had over 22000 views so far!



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  • On my network the Motorhomes On Craigslist page wins the prize with 11,589 views.

    It saves the reader time by allowing them to scan through the regions quickly.

    • Wow, how did you do that? I'd love to offer this on StarryID, eg list of photographers in the UK

      • The map is made with <map> & <area> HTML tags linked to internal links.

        <area shape="poly" coords="416,97,407,97,389,98,387,88,383,83,384,64,373,68,372,64,367,58,350,55,347,52,344,50,346,46,354,45,356,42,363,40,366,38,390,45,400,52,407,64,409,72,405,76,407,81,410,76,416,75,416,84" href="" alt="Michigan" title="Michigan">

        Internal links are within the body of the page. 

        <a id="MI" name="MI"></a>

        • I don't know much about coding... so how would I customise this to be about photographers in the UK?


  • Mine so far was a hyperlink of a major local news source.
    • That's cool!

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