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I've been reading, looking, and thinking about the 3.0 upgrade for a while.  Here's my list for how I want my site to work.  Some of this I know is possible, some I'm not sure about.  I figure putting it all down into a single list makes good sense, and sharing it will probably encourage good feedback from others or inspiration for people who haven't started digging in yet.  

Looking forward to your thoughts.

My current site is here (for reference)

  1. Private Network with a cool landing page (maybe like the top part of this page).  That page includes...
  2. Public blog section can be seen from home page (for SEO purposes)
  3. I'd like a few groups connected to the profile questions (auto assign to group)
  4. One profile question that says "yes, put me on the map" and then it adds them to a member map.  I would also like this map to be linked to on the landing page and public.
  5. online store built in managed by me (happy to use shopify or whatever)
  6. side navigation that functions like this
  7. "latest activity" feed that only includes groups you are part of and/or friends you follow (in addition to the main forum, blog, and video pages)
  8. broadcast of "what brings you hear/what's on your mind" from profile page to facebook and twitter with auto hashtag #myNingSite
  9. some fresh perspective on ad location/dimensions
  10. Video player and events modules (I know they are on the road map)

These are my top 10.  Which numbers are difficult to pull off?



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  • Oh yeah!

      I also want a good "share on facebook/twitter" button that works well.

  • I have't a clue as to where to go to ask these questions but If this isn't the right one could you please direct me to the right one. There are over 2000 forums I could be sitting here for a while.

    Are we going to be getting email notifier for the discussions instead of having to use the broadcast to post all the discussions. 

    #2 about the share, twiter, facebook etc buttons, are we going to have them or not?

    #3 What about PMs

    Thank you


    • Morning Cindy.  If you're ever uncertain where to post a question, feel free to open a new discussion of your very own.  There have been times I've searched and not found my solution so a new post is the way to go. 

      I'll try to address your concerns as best I can:

      1. Ning has given no indication of an email notifier when new posts are made so I personally plan on continuing to send weekly newsletters.  I imagine they'll bring back the member email settings that we had in 2.0 but I agree w/you, it certainly would be nice for all new posts (not just comments) to be blasted automatically.   Keep an eye on not just the 3.0 Roadmap but also the Feature Improvements list to see what lies ahead (some of which have recently been implemented).
      2. There is social sharing in blogs and forums if you've enabled it.  On the improvements page are also requests for social sharing to be added to member pages and custom pages.

      Lastly the messaging system is again listed in the discussions listed above..........they are coming back...........check it out

      • I should also point out many Creators are opting to use ShareThis on their sites to encourage social sharing b/c it STANDS OUT BOLDLY on all pages.  You may want to try it out.

        • Hi Cos, thanks for the previous info some helped. Now what I would like to know is how do we get background pictures for "Our Page" I know of one other Creator who has found a way to do it. Can you help me please 

          Thank you

This reply was deleted.

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