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I Wonder when Ning will Update the activity Feed. I remember  the activity Feed for Ning 2 was more friendly . We are talking about 10 o more years ago.

PD. I miss emojis Also. 

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  •  I thought we got some emojis on your 3.0 site a few years ago.  Are they broken?

    Is Ning working on an Activity Feed 3.0?  We should start a Wish List of what we features we want it to have.

    • NC for Hire

      exist and are created by you, used it up to 2 months ago

      • Thanks for letting me know.  I thought my enojis worked on Ning 3 sites.  Glad to know that you used them recently!

        • NC for Hire

          i tested 3.0 brother, i call you brother because we are old on ning, i was born as an old school designer and i stay at 2.0 i am not interested in the business of 3.0, i am currently using your emotions on my 2.0, yes the teacher published the article, they are still working on 3.0 the codes ,are still on Jen

    • Hello TJ, good to know you are back. Yes,  a few years ago the emojis works fine on my site but now does not work. I guess the reason was some Ning Updates. let me know if this can be possible now. 

      • Hi!  Email me and let me know which site has the emoji issue and I'll take a look at it.  Thanks!

  • By the way, anyone on a Windows device can add some emojis by tounching Windows Key and .
    I think Bizz mentioned this somewhere on here.  
    You can get stuff like


    and many more.


    • How do I get these? THanks in advance!


      • For me, they come with Windows 10.  I just hold down the "Win" key and then hit the period.  Up pops a box of emojis.

        Win or Windows key:

        Windows-key-3.png this is one article on it.


        How to Open Emojis Panel Using Keyboard in Windows 10
        How to Open Emojis Panel Using Keyboard in Windows 10, moreover, view, change categories and insert with different shortcut key combinations
  • Hello, 

    Could you, please, provide us with more details of the updates you wish to have within the activity of the 3.0 platform?

    Also, emojis are working correctly on the activity feed. 

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best regards, 

    The Ning Team 

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