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I am finding this really odd, now I have added my month seperators I can now see that other than the UpComing events all the others like my events, and those in categories are all listing the wrong way round, ie the furthest away month first and so on. It looks really odd and you have to go down the page to see the events that are most current. As an example if you go to my 1940s Events category February is at the bottom and April is at the top! Now imagine if you have a lot of events added, all the most recent or upcoming events in that category are going to be pages away. I know you can add a search by date range but when you first open the category it looks like there are no events for February unless you go searching down or if you have say 10 pages of events it's going to be 10 pages away.

This just seems a very odd way of displaying them, anyone else noticed this ?


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  • Sounds like Ning needs to fix their code...............

    • Glad your seeing the same thing as me, thought I was going a bit loopy for a minute there.

  • Hi, John!

    It seems that it shouldn't work like that.

    We have filed the report to our engineering team for the investigations.

    Apologies for the inconveniences.

    Best regards,

    Ning team.

    • Thanks Kyryl

      • Hi John,

        The tech guys have reviewed the code and according to the logic, it's working properly.

        However, as you haven't found it convenient the logic would be changed and the necessary task has been already added to our plans.

        Sorry for any issues that this might cause at the moment.


        Ning Team.

        • That's good news Kyrl, thank you.

          I can sort of see why the logic would be that way as past events would then be furthest away but it is a very odd way to read a calendar and as mentioned harder to see the newest events coming up.

          I think a nice solution to add would be for My Events & Categories Event List to show the same as the Up Coming events list but once an event is past then it is not shown in the list. As there is a past events list those would show in that anyway. By doing this the list would always be upto date with the newest events always being shown first.

          For instance, if the upcoming events list goes into March then February would not be shown as those are now past events, you could even send February to the end of the list rather than remove it altogether. This way if the user goes to the end of the events list ( ie December ) Then after that would be February and so on.


          John :-)

          • I'm sorry but who puts a calendar up on the wall with the end of year showing first?  It was built wrong.  Period.  Now Ning will (some day) fix it. 

            Have to find my melatonin pills.............clearly I'm a bit testy today.  lol

  • Any news on this ?

    • Hi John,

      The task to change the logic of event appearing has been already created however as current sprint is about to finish, it hasn;t been added to the current sprint.

      Closer to the end of the month the management will make the decision to which sprint this task should be included to, based on the priority of other tasks.


      Ning Team

      • Thanks for the reply Kyrl, I think this is a priority to do as  the way it stands at the moment if you are adding categories or viewing my events then it's pretty un-usable in the format it is in at this time.

        I don't quite understand why it would be such a big thing to have to wait to do ? You already have the upcoming events listing the right way. Surely it's just to reverse the order of the code to list the other way round ?

        Regards, John

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