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NC for Hire

Today a member and internationally well known public figure writes me asking "What the hell is Ning?  I cannot even sign into the community!  WTF" With the following attachment:

According to Firefox, this is what it means.  Basically, it tells our members that our site is impersonating another site...and I pay for this????

To make matters worse, if they do ass the exception and log in, no stylesheets or javascript will even load.

As we all know or should know by now is that Google and others are devaluing websites without HTTPS protocol security.  Apparently Ning has ignored this for so long that they are not even concerned with the fact that our members cannot log into our websites do to them not keeping up with the times.  Is anyone else experiencing this mess? 

Hey Ning, Here is a Product Idea!  Take a look at your calendar like I do every time i send you more money.  Get your website hosting up to speed otherwise I will be organizing a cross country caravan to California to speak with you in person about this.  WTF

Update: if you are experiencing this BS simply remove the s from HTTPS in the URL bar.

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  • Pick me up on the way bro.. 

  • NC for Hire

    500 Errors on EVERY page of my site today.. WTF Ning!!

    • I had 4 people try to join my site today and nothing they finished their forms and just got redirected back to the start, so off goes a new ticket grrrrrrrrrrrr

      hope your 500 errors have been fixed Farrow

      Good Luck


  • Oh Thank you sooo very much Farrow to Date I have sent 3 tickets about this error you show above, and ning keeps sending my blank Reply's. Now I am clueless to this whole website Creating stuff so since March I have sent an embarrassing amount of tickets LOL all answered promptly except the one where I explain about the little black eye in top corner of page telling me my site is as you said not secure. I just sent in another new ticket with the ref # numbers from the others I have sent saying I would pull my site if they did not answer me this time, wonder if they will reply, no worries not holding breath lol. So seeing this post makes me know I am not nuts or blind or completely brain dead, thank you :) :() :)

    Irene Nielsen

  • Here is some  info on Mode Media... Perhaps a mass letter to the New CEO

  • Still no https secure connection? When will this be fixed?

    • Hi there,

      Unfortunately, https hasn't been implemented yet.

      However, our developers and management teams are working under this at the time when the new features get released.

      Once SLL certification would become available we would post the announcement here on creators network.

      Best regards,

      Ning team.


      • This is becoming an issue for us as we have members reporting that our site is not secure, not really understanding the underlying issues, of course.  They tend to think something's changed on our site and it's now insecure.

        I am guessing they are using Chrome which is now flagging any site that requires a password but doesn't have https/SSL.  So, this has become a lot more of an issue since it makes us look bad.

        Any news?  Thanks.

        - Liz

      • FAIL

This reply was deleted.

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