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After a few weeks of havig pictures rotated, I got an excited email from Ning Support today to tell me proudly that they'd fixed it.

Maybe, maybe not. What they have done though is to make thimgs a thousand times worse. Now all pictures added to all forum posts and groups are shrunk and only display at somethimg like a third of their full size. 

Aaaaaaargh!! Will it never end!

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  • NC for Hire

    What is the link to your network... perhaps we can override with some CSS

    • Thanks for your comment JFarrow.

      Ning have said that it's more widespread than just my network. They also say that a concurrrent failure of the member approval system yesterday is related to the same issue. They held up the promse of a fix within 12 hours - a dealine which has already been excceded with no solution.

      A couple of example of the issue are posts added yesterday morning. Both were fine when added. Now both have shrunken photos (and to add nsult to injury, the non-rotated photos in the second post have also been rotated)

      The image in the first post is uploaded at 1,000px and has its display size set at 750px.

      Harringay online
      The online home of all things Harringay (you may say Harringay Green Lanes)
      • NC for Hire

        Strange indeed.    One thing I do when adding photos to a discussion or blog is immediately add or change the width by adding  width="100%" so that it is full width no matter what device. like so...

        The rotation happening is a mystery to me....

        Harringay online
        The online home of all things Harringay (you may say Harringay Green Lanes)
        • Sadly nothing with changfe the size of the bloody pictures since yesterday. I've looked at a few other local nigs - just the same 

          Harringay online
          The online home of all things Harringay (you may say Harringay Green Lanes)
  • Hello Hugh!

    Our recent massive update has caused a series of misfunctions. Unfortunately, the issues with enlarged photos, messages, members approve and broadcast emails were all related to the most recent update of the Activity Feed.

    Regarding the issue with enlarged pictures - I can see that the task was moved to resolved just a few hours ago, so please check your network and let us know if you still experience any issues. 

    Looking forward to your reply!

    Bets regards,

    The NING Team

    • The enlarged photos seems to be fixed (for the time bieng - but I'm not getting too excited because it got fixed before).

      How about fixing the shrinking of every sigel forum and group post photo and how about the blocking the upload of any sttachments and of any new posts that include them. These are the bigger issues that are causing memebers to drift away.

      Ordinarily, I'd be gobsmackedt that this wasn't tested prior to release......but this is new Ning, after all.........

      I'm so embarassed to be using Ning at the moment. I'm getting more and more pepor casuallly disparagingf the siet because of the dreadfully unreliable Ning software.


      • Hello Hugh!

        We continue to work on eliminating the rest of the issues as well, I apologize for keeping you waiting! 

        Our Team will email you once we have an update or in case we need any additional info. 

        Please accept my apologies once again. 

        Best regards,

        The NING Team

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