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Does anyone know the frequency in which the RSS feeds update?I've been trying to spit my feeds out to twitter today.When you click an RSS feed link it only shows topics up to yesterday.Is this a bug, the way it is on ning or what ?Anyone know?

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1 Reply · Reply by Mark Oakes Jan 11, 2010


I have been experiencing problems when adding pictures to the text editor on Ning sites including this one. When I clicked the camera icon above and after selecting an image, it takes forever to load. I even left the window open and left for 2 hours…

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1 Reply · Reply by MetroDee Jan 5, 2010


I am getting this message and I don't know what to do.We're sorry, this site can't be embedded in a frame.If you're trying to set up your own domain for your Ning Network, please click here for more information on how to set it up properly. Or,…

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3 Comments · Reply by Jen Dec 15, 2009


Not sure if this is a 'bug' or 'issue'? I was sending a 'broadcast message' out to my members and noticed that I wasn't able to correct my message by putting the cursor where it needed to be to delete or backspace the words. Is it me or is anyone…

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3 Comments · Reply by Debbie Dec 19, 2009

Chat is one for everyone. I am sure I will get pros and cons on this one :+) I love the Ning chat! but, I wish it had an automatic pop up message when someone is sending a personal message to me. When I am busy online with my network or even…

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9 Comments · Reply by Brian Floe Dec 5, 2009

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