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Improving relationships with visitors of your social media website is highly useful - as for reaching business goals (in terms of raising loyalty of your potential clients) as well as for communicative aims.

That's why becoming a leader in your community can help people get used in your social network. For example, write a "how to" page for new members explaining how they can add photos, start new discussions etc. Write the main rules of communication in your social network. Encourage followers for more online interaction and moderate their communication in a social community.

We also recommend you to find a few people in your community that will help you manage your network. These highly involved admins won`t take your place of web community owner but will help you organize communication, manage content, moderate discussions, etc.

What do you think about such strategy? Share your thoughts in comments!

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  • Hi to all of you! That is another reason to find co-thinkers in your social network:)

  • True, I`m a member of one Ning network, its owner can`t cope with flows of comments, he really needs help, sometimes he misses a lot of crap.

    • Looks like this problem in numerus networks

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