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Known & Recently Resolved Issues

This page replaces the Ning 3.0 Known Issues page as a list of important bugs we're aware of across both platforms and will be updated regularly as issues are resolved. This isn't an exhaustive list and instead reflects some of the most visible bugs. 

To report a bug, send us a ticket from the Support area of your Dashboard.

Alternatively, Ning 3.0 networks can also send bug reports our way using this form.

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Winter holidays is not a reason to relax for our team!

So during the past time we have fixed the following problems which you might have had on your networks:

- The amount of forum posts on the main page  
- Wrong error message when try to add comment
- Payment-overdue pages are messed up in Ning 3.0
- "Latest activity" feed issues on the main page
- 500 errors on 99% of networks

Currently our technical team is working on…

Current Issues

Ning 2.0

  • NING-37238:  Latest Activity Feed intermittently not updating or showing stale content on some networks

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