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Anastasia_Ning_Support posted a discussion
Hello everyone!
Recently we have promised you to make a big announcement related to the new feature release. While it is still in beta, we can not keep silence anymore. The feature we wish to unveil is the result of collaborative work of the whole t…
Victoria_NING posted a discussion
Hi Creators,
The summer is slowly coming to an end, unlike our efforts to deliver you the best user experience.
And today, we want to tell you about our accomplishments in the Q2.
Over these 3 months, we have fixed 135 bugs to maintain the stable wo…
Aug 10
George H. Compton IV posted a discussion
Css, Html fluent iframe videos!!Click here to see it in action. Design Studio, custom CSS, Global CSS/* CSS gframe iframe *//* Design Studio, custom CSS, Global CSS */.gframe iframe{position: absolute!important;left:0px!important;margin-left:0px!imp…
Aug 6
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
Most of you who know me already realize that I LOVE RSS!  I love to use RSS feeds for both finding news as well as distributing news from my communities into social media environments.  This new tool that I found absolutely rocks when it comes to pu…
Aug 3
Anastasiia_NING support posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
There is so much of it now everywhere! Nearly everyone is tired of them! However...
1) Most digital ads are considered “acceptable” by consumers, as they don’t impose themselves on.
2) 80% of consumers think that digital ads sometimes are useful in…
Aug 3
Suzie Nielsen posted a discussion
 Hi there,Just found this code added to a discussion on my site... The problem is that this post does not show up- it only shows up on the member page and in the activity feed...It looks like some kind of code to stop following????<p>2/22/2017</p> <…
Aug 1
Anastasiia_NING support posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
User interface, or a well-known word UI among designers, is one of the things you should think about when creating your personal social network. The purpose of UI is to get the core message to the user in a timely and elegant way as much as it is po…
Jul 31
Anastasiia_NING support posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
Planning business processes that meet the requirements of entrepreneurship and common sense can be a tough job. Of course, if you want to set your activities and get some money from them.
The trick is that there is no particular strategy or an ideal…
Jul 30
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
I'm providing code to install a light and simple slider with text content under each slide into your page.  You will want to replace everywhere it says https://yourimage in the HTML with your own images.  The code below is for 4 images but you can a…
Jul 24
Victoria_NING posted a discussion
Hi NING Creators!
While we are finalizing a huge update, we want to share the news that will make some of our creators really happy, especially those residing in Europe or having members from Europe.
Today we want to present you iDeal - a new paymen…
Jul 20
Victoria_NING posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
Do you need some inspiration? Are you full of enthusiasm to create something incredible?
Let the art come to your life at full speed! The Art Colony is a fun, friendly online NING community for visual artists working in painting, drawing, mixed medi…
Jul 18
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
I've added a new tool for customizing your youtube embed codes before embedding new videos into your community.   It can be found inside the Ning Powered Events GroupUsing this tool you can control the way that they video appears when embedded insid…
Jul 17
Victoria_NING posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
Who would say NO to extra source of earning money? But why would YOU begin using our new NING monetization tools?
1) You`re a blogger and content creator. With Paid Access option, you can get money for access to your articles, lessons, instructions,…
Jul 17
Victoria_NING posted a discussion in NING BUSINESS CLUB
All of you may have some web resources that you usually use to search for interesting information. What topics do you like to read? What issues are you interested in? We are going to improve our informative digest, and wonder what would you like to…
Jul 16
⚡JFarrow⌁ posted a discussion
Hey gang.. I am just writing to let you know that I have updated the Ning Powered Events Group and hooked it up with all sorts of cool tools and tips..CREATING AND HOSTING EVENTS WITH NING COMMUNITIESThat is what this group is all about.  Share you…
Jul 13

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