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Gerald "Gerry" E Emery commented on Gerald "Gerry" E Emery's blog post Re: Some of the disparaging comments I've seen about Ning need to be addressed
"@Alliance: I've owned and/or managed NIng websites since 2008, so I'm hardly a newcomer."
Dec 20, 2017
Gerald "Gerry" E Emery replied to Aubrey Williams's discussion
SSL Solution
"Oddly enough, last week several times on my Ning, it showed it was on a Secure Server, with https:// at the prefix of my URL. I didn't sign up for it although I would have if it had been available. I'm wondering if it is in testing mode or what is g…"
Sep 21, 2017
Gerald "Gerry" E Emery replied to Aubrey Williams's discussion
New Ning as Bad as the Old Ning???
"I have never disliked Ning, so please keep your disparaging comments to yourself. Constructive criticism is best. I am currently developing a new website on another platform, It is much more expensive than any Ning website, but has most of the featu…"
Sep 9, 2017
Gerald "Gerry" E Emery replied to Bizz ( John )'s discussion
Fao: Kyryl Regarding the video titles being cut off
"In my experience, if your title has too many characters, they all won't show. That's why it is important to be concise and precise. Short and sweet and to the point is always best, whether on a video or on a blog post."
May 8, 2017
Gerald "Gerry" E Emery is now a member of Ning Creators Social Network
Dec 1, 2016


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