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North Adams, MA


January 26

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sustainable commercial farming techniques education and outreach. I also run a banjo site at

Tom Whelan replied to Hugh's discussion
Support So Bad - Even the Support System Now Broken
"Same old crazy roller coaster ride with Ning.  Too expensive for what you get at this point anyway, IMHO."
Tom Whelan updated their profile
Dec 4
Tom Whelan replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
Let’s make creators even better!
"Just a thought in terms of cleaning up the Groups area to make it more usable-  may I suggest that Groups that are no longer relevant or active be removed? Some with subjects that are probably outdated are Ning Ad Beta, 2.0-to-3.0 Transition, Sandbo…"
Jan 24
Tom Whelan replied to Fabricio Giugni's discussion
Please limit the Photo upload per day
"Wow, if members are allowed to upload like 100 photos per day (whether they get any 'point's for that or no points at all), it could bump a network up into a higher priced ning tier payment plan, based on the amount of content stored on ning server.…"
Jan 22
Tom Whelan replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
Cleanup on creators network
"Yes, your new Archive section containing all the older Creators discussions (including many concerning Ning 2.0 tips) is perfect.  Thank you for the sub-LINK in the Forum top link, which makes it easy to access them.  And I checked and all those arc…"
Nov 9, 2017
Tom Whelan replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
Cleanup on creators network
"So let's do next if you don't mind, we will keep old discussions in the separated thread as was offered by one of the NCs here so they still could be used in order to find helpful information from the past.

If you do that you must provide a link th…"
Nov 8, 2017
Tom Whelan replied to Suzie Nielsen's discussion
Where is info for 2.0's- I see no 2.0 tips..etc
"You are going to delete all discussions from this Creators forum that are older?   As of from what date?
Those older discussions contain a whole lot of helpful info and code developed and contributed from other Creators over the past 3 years.  It wo…"
Nov 6, 2017
Tom Whelan replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
Overview of Q3 and Ning Q4 2017 plan.
"Yep the ability to backup/archive our own content is a big thing.  The 2.0 archive tool is now glitchy, but a 3.0 tool that works properly could be developed. 
Especially after Mode went out of business and dissolved without even a few days notice,…"
Nov 6, 2017
Tom Whelan replied to Jennifer Peterson's discussion
Alternatives to Ning?
"I do know of quite a few former Ning creators who needed to escape from the Mode debacle, who have been very happy since their move to Jamroom."
Nov 1, 2017
Tom Whelan replied to Matt Milletto's discussion
Migration to an Updated Site
""I watched a video on migration today found under the blogs section. i  think you have to create a test network and then ask ning support to run the script for you. The woman said in the migration that it takes 5 days approximately for someone to wo…"
Oct 14, 2017
Tom Whelan replied to Bryce Rubio's discussion
A Message from Our CEO
"Thank you Kyryl for all this enlightening information on the current status of Ning.  Much appreciated."
Oct 5, 2017
Tom Whelan replied to Bryce Rubio's discussion
A Message from Our CEO
"Hmm... maybe nuts, but makes one wonder.
Is Kyryl really ning owner Bryce Rubio...?  Kyryl seems to be the only Ning person posting anymore.  Who exactly 'is' ning anymore?  Is the tech team 3rd party outfit,  located ...where?"
Oct 4, 2017
Tom Whelan replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
Servers maintenance
¿Vas a otra plataforma?"
Sep 16, 2017
Tom Whelan replied to Helela's discussion
No Member Participation Because Members Don't Get Notification in Their Email when Something is Added To the site.
"Doesn't anyone 'get' that Helena is talking about GROUP discussions, not Forum discussions?  Read her posts.
And Kyryl, your screenshot shows the follow button on Forums topic page, not the discussion area within a Group."
Sep 13, 2017
Tom Whelan replied to Bizz ( John )'s discussion
Fao: Kyryl Regarding the video titles being cut off
"Just me two centavos but these many many coding threads pullng teeth with ning supprt seem like it should b happnig offline with ning developrs. Why not ning engneers taking care of all these basic testing and function of their own featurs? What R w…"
May 8, 2017
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Mar 22, 2017


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